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With over 25 years’ experience in furnishing and refurbishing schools, we are able to offer a huge range, advice, and assistance when choosing new tables for your setting. No school would be complete without sturdy surfaces on which students can carry out their all-important tasks. Our furniture is available in - economy, classic and premium ranges, offering you choices to suit your budget and requirements.

We also offer desks to cater for specific needs and environments such as exam desks, coloured, lightweight folding tables and height adjustable tables. Our dining tables and school dining furniture is preferred by schools due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal, and high design and build quality. Realising that not all children are the same shape or size we will help you match the correct chair size to the correct height of the table and have included a guide on this page to start the process.

At Cost Cutters UK we have over 25 years’ experience in furnishing schools and have a wide range of classroom tables to suit any school or educational space. We provide classroom tables, exam desks, laboratory tables and more for early years and infants up to high school and college years.


Our school furniture is available in economy, classic and premium ranges to fit every school’s budget and requirements. We provide many different desks to suit every situation and space, including exam desks, lightweight, foldable tables and height adjustable tables.


Our classroom tables are available in stacking and non-stacking variations and can be customised by height, width and colour to suit any age range. We also have a wide range of colours, shapes and styles to suit every classroom and educational area. Each of our desks and tables have chairs or stools to match and fit together perfectly, while some of our tables are height adjustable in order to suit every student in your classroom.


Cost Cutters UK are a trusted school furniture supplier, providing classroom tables and other furniture to 100’s of happy schools and educational institutions across the UK for over 20 years. All of our school tables and desks are delivered with free next day delivery as well as free spatial planning and on-site consultations before you make your decision. Cost Cutters UK provides a seamless journey from planning to completion of your new or updated classroom space. Why not colour co-ordinate the whole school with our canteen and library furniture?                                                                                 

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