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Outdoor Playhouse and Dens

Outdoor School Playhouses and Dens: Where Learning Meets Adventure

Welcome to our Outdoor School Playhouse and Dens category, where education and exploration come together in the great outdoors. Here, we celebrate the magic of learning through imaginative play, fostering creativity, teamwork, and a deep connection with nature.

A World of Exploration: Our collection of outdoor playhouses and dens invites young learners to embark on exciting adventures. These play spaces become settings for storytelling, problem-solving, and unstructured play, all of which are integral to a child's development.

Imagination Unleashed: Outdoor playhouses and dens are the stages for limitless stories. Whether transforming into a pirate ship, a fairy tale castle, or a jungle hideout, these structures encourage children to unleash their imaginations and develop storytelling skills.

Hands-On Learning: Beyond imaginative play, our outdoor structures promote hands-on learning. They encourage students to engage with the natural world, fostering an understanding of ecosystems, gardening, and sustainable practices.

Social Development: Outdoor playhouses and dens offer opportunities for collaborative play. As children work together to build, decorate, and act out scenarios, they develop crucial social skills such as communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution.

Environmental Connection: By spending time outdoors in purpose-built play spaces, children develop a deeper connection with the environment. They learn to appreciate the beauty of nature, understand its significance, and become responsible stewards of the planet.

Customizable Options: Our selection includes a variety of outdoor playhouses and dens, with options for customization to suit your school's unique needs and outdoor spaces. Choose from different sizes, designs, and materials to create an inviting and enriching outdoor learning environment.

Durability and Safety: We prioritize durability and safety, ensuring that our outdoor play structures are built to withstand the elements and rigorous play while adhering to stringent safety standards.

Educational Fun: With Outdoor School Playhouses and Dens, learning becomes an adventure. Explore our range to discover the perfect additions to your outdoor educational landscape, where every day is an opportunity for exploration and discovery.

Transform your school's outdoor spaces into hubs of imagination and learning with our Outdoor School Playhouse and Dens collection. These spaces inspire young minds, encourage active play, and nurture a lifelong love for the natural world.


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  1. Early Years Wooden Playground In and Out Role Play Playhouse

    Special Price £617.44 £514.53 Regular Price £643.16 £535.97
  2. Early Years Outdoor Wooden Sensory Tunnel Den with Coloured Perspex Peepholes

    Special Price £520.08 £433.40 Regular Price £541.75 £451.46
  3. School Infants Playground Wooden Outdoor Chatty Shelter with Table and Benches

    Special Price £560.64 £467.20 Regular Price £584.00 £486.67
  4. Early Years Outdoor Retreat Playhouse

    As low as £640.03 £533.36
  5. Early Years Outdoor Wooden Play Cottage

    As low as £1,384.94 £1,154.12
  6. Outdoor or Indoor Two Tone Wicker Wigwam

    Special Price £359.42 £299.52 Regular Price £374.40 £312.00
  7. Early Years Outdoor Play Den

    As low as £1,055.90 £879.92
  8. Camouflage Den Kit for Folding Den

    As low as £266.84 £222.37
  9. Rainbow Den Kit

    As low as £289.74 £241.45
  10. Indoor/Outdoor Folding Den

    As low as £402.64 £335.53
  11. Outdoor Educational Wooden Potting Shed

    As low as £1,499.51 £1,249.59
  12. Wooden Outdoor Nursery Den

    As low as £1,642.19 £1,368.49
  13. Recycled Plastic Playground Boat

    As low as £5,753.57 £4,794.64
  14. School Outdoor Learning Wooden Curriculum Cabin

    Special Price £1,400.93 £1,167.44 Regular Price £1,459.30 £1,216.08
  15. Early Years Outdoor Playground Wooden Sheltered Sandpit Den

    Special Price £923.65 £769.71 Regular Price £962.14 £801.78
  16. Early Years Wooden Playground Outdoor Classroom

    Special Price £1,235.20 £1,029.33 Regular Price £1,286.66 £1,072.22
  17. School Closed Curriculum Wooden Outdoor Forest Cabin

    Special Price £1,919.05 £1,599.21 Regular Price £1,999.02 £1,665.85
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Items 1-30 of 49

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