School Lockers

Our range of practical and attractive school lockers come in different heights and are perfect for primary and secondary schools

School lockers on Cost Cutters are available in a range of colours and sizes to suit the difference in heights of all pupils throughout nursery, primary school, secondary school, and university.  With school storage in mind, we have a huge range of lockers to suit the demands of a busy school environment.

As older students require bigger, taller alternatives, we have put together a comprehensive range of full height secondary school lockers. These full-height lockers are also a fantastic choice for other educational environments such as colleges and universities, but would also be perfect for gyms, staffrooms, and other similar environments. 

We also have a range of early years and primary school lockers that are half height or three quarter height. These offer the same security features and robust specifications as our standard height lockers but are shorter so that younger children may make use of them comfortably.   

Available in metal, wood and plastic, all our secondary and primary school lockers are easy to clean and use anti-bacterial technology to improve general hygiene. These finishes help stop the spread of germs by killing any bacteria that comes into contact with the locker and once applied, the technology will be effective throughout the locker's life. 

All the school lockers we offer are available as seen on our website, but we also offer a range of bespoke options if you’re looking for something special. If you would like to learn more about these or are simply curious to discover what sort of thing we are able to do with school lockers, please give us a call or send us an email.



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Items 1-30 of 44

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  1. 1-6 Door Metal Locker With Cam Lock

    As low as £90.62 £75.52
  2. HERO 1-6 Door Metal Locker with Sloping Top and Cam Lock

    As low as £90.37 £75.31
  3. Probe Full Height Standard Metal Locker 1-6 Door

    As low as £116.80 £97.33
  4. Probe Low Standard Metal Locker 2-3 Door

    As low as £153.77 £128.14
  5. Full Height Timber Effect Locker 1-4 Door

    As low as £239.96 £199.97
  6. Perforated Door Lockers

    As low as £173.09 £144.24
  7. Supertuff Outdoor Locker Weatherproof Plastic

    As low as £84.40 £70.33
  8. Kubbyclass Three Door Locker

    As low as £376.07 £313.39
  9. Kubbyclass Two Door Locker

    As low as £345.85 £288.21
  10. Express Delivery Steel Work Lockers - Germ Guard Paint

    As low as £150.42 £125.35
  11. Secure Lockers

    As low as £160.97 £134.14
  12. Modular Jumbo Plastic All Weather Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    Special Price £365.21 £304.34 Regular Price £396.52 £330.43
  13. Large Plastic Outdoor Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    Special Price £326.84 £272.37 Regular Price £354.85 £295.71
  14. Executive Lockers

    As low as £410.87 £342.39
  15. Gloss Executive Locker End Panels

    As low as £305.72 £254.77
  16. Full Height Timber Door Lockers with Soft Close Hinges

    As low as £383.35 £319.46
  17. Timber Door Locker End Panels

    As low as £239.39 £199.49
  18. Full Height Premium Laminate Door Lockers

    As low as £305.72 £254.77
  19. Steel Splash Wet Area Lockers

    As low as £219.98 £183.32
  20. Splash Laminate Lockers

    As low as £321.90 £268.25
  21. Laminate End Panels for Splash Laminate Lockers

    As low as £379.26 £316.05
  22. Perspex Door Lockers

    As low as £368.80 £307.33
  23. Personal Effects Lockers

    As low as £419.65 £349.71
  24. Cube Lockers

    As low as £86.26 £71.88
  25. Flat Garment Lockers

    As low as £376.90 £314.08
  26. Flat Garment Lockers Large

    As low as £376.90 £314.08
  27. Flat Garment Disposal Lockers

    As low as £346.15 £288.46
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Our wide range of education lockers are suitable for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational facilities. All our lockers are heard wearing and made for highly populated areas of the school and have anti-bacterial paint to ensure safety and cleanliness throughout the school.

Staffroom Lockers

Ensure your staff have a safe and secure place to store their personal effects with these sophisticated and visually pleasing secure staff room lockers. These are very durable and made with high quality materials and are built to last. These lockers are great for storing clothing, equipment, and other items. The lockers come in different shapes and sizes and are fully customizable to fit your needs.

These high-quality lockers are built for everyday use and can with take robust use without incurring ware and tear. The lockers are made from highly durable steel and are coted with a powder finish making them resistant to knocks and bumps. The anti-bacterial powder coating finish is also resistant to corrosion and help to deter bacteria from forming. The metal frame features nest holes on sides to allow air flow within the lockers.

The lockers that we supply are built with ease of use in mind. They come fully assembled and very simple to install saving a lot of time and energy. These products are properly fabricated from the best materials and are designed to last. The lockers benefit from manufacturer warranty for parts and labour to establish that the product you are receiving is of the best quality.

Changing Room Lockers

Our changing room lockers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with inclusive ventilation holes to decrease the chance of them smelling. The changing room lockers come with an anti-bacterial powder coating as standard to reduce the risks of modern-day contaminants. We also cater to all tastes and budgets and we can provide free support based on room dimensions. The lockers are made with durable paint which will not wipe off in the wet environments and will keep their colour for a long time.

The lockers should be cleaned daily to prevent odours from building and to keep the lockers hygienic for all users. Items in the lockers should be removed often, especially dirty sports or swimwear and cleaned throughout using antibacterial cleaning products. The changing room should also be well ventilated to prevent the spread of air born germs.

Children’s Lockers

We offer a wide range of school lockers, suitable for smaller children to suit the heights of all pupils throughout Nursery and Primary School. With secure storage in mind, we offer a lot of different types of metal lockers to suit the demands of busy school environments. The lockers we offer can come in many sizes, including, Half Height and Three-Quarter Height. You do not need to worry about the loss of quality as the lockers include the same security features and specs that the standard and bigger lockers offer.  

Outdoor Play Equipment Lockers

With space inside of schools becoming a premium, many schools are moving towards utilising their outdoor space by keeping their lockers outside to store play equipment for children. This saves valuable space and helps to reduce the corridor congestion between lessons. Opposed to the steel counterparts, our range of plastic lockers are water-resistant, they do not rust and can even be jet wash cleaned through the holidays to keep them clean and hygienic. We offer a lot of plastic lockers including cube lockers and Waterproof UltraBox lockers to ensure the security of the playground equipment. These multi-functional lockers can be used to store all sorts of play equipment including PE apparatus, Sensory Toys and Gardening Equipment.

Half Height Lockers

Half height lockers are ideal to use in Nurseries and Primary Schools, allowing easy access to smaller children. These can also be used in offices and sports centres and can be fit nearly under a windowsill to maximise usable space. The lockers come with concealed hinges for security and cleanliness and are also powder coated to support the risks of modern-day contaminants. The lockers come pre-drilled and can be easily installed. Available in a wide range of colours and door counts, these lockers are perfect for maximising space in educational environments.

 Cube Lockers

Cube lockers are a range of small compartment lockers and are designed to be able to stack together to create an efficient storage solution. The compact size and versatility of cube lockers allow additional storage space to be added to almost every school environment, these can be fixed in classrooms or outdoors, wherever the space is needed. The cube lockers come in a wide array of styles and colours whilst maintaining the durability and high-quality material that all other lockers utilise. Our cube lockers can be offered in waterproof plastic or reinforced steel and contain semi-concealed door hinges which are welded into the door and fixed to the frame to prevent tampering.

 Charging Lockers

Our range of Charging Lockers allow you to safely store and charge your items, from laptops to phone, tools to small items. These lockers allow quick use charging and look stylish around any educational environment. These lockers help to keep your valuable items safe and stop cables being left out, causing trip hazards. We can offer various dimensions and colours to suit small or large appliances. We can also offer tall compartments which are ideal for power tools and large laptops. 

 Personal Effects Lockers

Personal effects lockers are a reliable solution for non-bulky items and prove useful in schools and classrooms, these lockers are suitable for small and personal items such as wallets, keys and mobile devices whilst providing a highly secure semi-concealed door hinge to prevent tampering and improve security of the student’s personal effects. These lockers are easily installed and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the space allocation.


 High School Lockers

Our range of high school lockers come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit pupils of all ages. The storage lockers have strong metal frames and doors, meaning they are ideal for busy school environments. The lockers utilise an anti-bacterial powder coating to prevent the spread of germs and improve hygiene throughout the school. Each school locker is fitted with a secure locking system and include a galvanised shelf to prevent unwanted access to storage below. We ensure that the school lockers are suitable for students of all ages and come in a wide range of colours to suit the schools colour pattern