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Discover a vast selection of functional, innovative and cost-effective workplace storage lockers at Cost Cutters UK. Our comprehensive range of office lockers provides the perfect level of safe and secure storage for workplaces of all sizes. We have workplace storage lockers in many different practical and stylish options, including wooden and metal finishes.

Whatever you need to store in your office or workplace, buying from our website will ensure you have the best locker storage solution for your needs. Our carefully curated selection of workplace storage lockers includes charging lockers for laptops, tools and other small devices, as well as first aid lockers and changing room lockers to keep company and employee essentials securely tucked away. If you have specific or individual needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Cost Cutters UK sales team who will talk you through the bespoke workplace storage locker solutions available.

Personal Lockers

If you need ample storage space for the personal belongings of your employees, Cost Cutters UK has a perfect range of personal lockers. Our personal lockers are ideal for any workspace with lots of hustle and bustle, including shared offices, office gyms and staff rooms. There are many different sizes available to store all kinds of personal effects and belongings safely. Metal personal lockers are the perfect cost-effective office storage solution and there are options ranging from 1 to 6 doors depending on the amount of storage required. At the more premium end of our personal workplace storage locker selection, you will find timber door lockers with soft close hinges.

Charging Lockers

Keep going all day long with charging lockers from Cost Cutters UK. Charging lockers are the perfect choice of workplace storage locker if you have multiple electronic devices that need power during all times of day and have limited workspace. The great range of charging lockers we provide includes lockable laptop and small device charging lockers, as well as options for charging tools. They are fitted with handy plug sockets and have vented doors to reduce heat build-up, keeping valuable items safe at work during lengthy charging periods. Our charging lockers are also finished with an antibacterial coating for optimum multi-use.

First Aid Lockers

First aid lockers are an essential storage solution for the workplace. We can provide your office with extremely durable and safe first aid security cupboards that will withstand wear and tear in all sectors. Cost Cutters UK’s range of first aid lockers meet all of the necessary first aid requirements in your workplace and are supplied with first aid stickers and have anti-bacterial properties for optimum safety. Fitted with high security seven level safe locks and anti-pick locking mechanisms, they will also keep all of your supplies safe from unwanted access.

Changing Room Lockers

Looking for changing room lockers for your office, workplace, school or gym? Cost Cutters UK has a fantastic range of changing room lockers suitable for all kinds of uses. Our changing room lockers are available in lots of different colours and sizes depending on your desired use, including specialist wet area lockers with moisture-resistant locks that are ideal for swimming pool changing rooms. You can choose from a variety of sizes when selecting this type of workplace storage locker, as well as a range of bright colours sure to add a pop of colour to your changing room space.

Speak to Cost Cutters For Bespoke Workplace Storage Lockers

As well as offering you a wide range of standard workplace storage lockers, Cost Cutters UK can also provide you with bespoke office locker solutions. We will work with you to find the best workplace storage lockers for your needs and provide products that match the rest of your space, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert sales team to discuss your needs.

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  1. Perforated Charging Lockers With Standard Plug

    Special Price £600.60 £500.50 Regular Price £980.60 £817.17
  2. Flux Modular Wooden Office Locker

    As low as £216.23 £180.19
  3. 1-6 Door Metal Locker With Cam Lock

    As low as £90.62 £75.52
  4. HERO 1-6 Door Metal Locker with Sloping Top and Cam Lock

    As low as £90.37 £75.31
  5. Probe Full Height Standard Metal Locker 1-6 Door

    As low as £116.80 £97.33
  6. Full Height Timber Effect Locker 1-4 Door

    As low as £239.96 £199.97
  7. Executive Lockers

    As low as £410.87 £342.39
  8. Gloss Executive Locker End Panels

    As low as £305.72 £254.77
  9. Full Height Timber Door Lockers with Soft Close Hinges

    As low as £383.35 £319.46
  10. Hero Clean and Dirty Industrial Locker with Separator, Sloping Top and Key Lock

    As low as £180.00 £150.00
  11. Express Delivery Steel Work Lockers - Germ Guard Paint

    As low as £150.42 £125.35
  12. Z Door Lockers Steel Doors

    As low as £460.99 £384.16
  13. Probe Low Standard Metal Locker 2-3 Door

    As low as £153.77 £128.14
  14. Z Door Lockers Laminate Doors

    As low as £651.86 £543.22
  15. QMP Metal PPE Workplace Lockers

    As low as £158.52 £132.10
  16. Secure Lockers

    As low as £160.97 £134.14
  17. Perforated Door Lockers

    As low as £173.09 £144.24
  18. Full Height Premium Laminate Door Lockers

    As low as £305.72 £254.77
  19. Laptop & Tablet Storage Lockers

    As low as £431.88 £359.90
  20. Timber Door Locker End Panels

    As low as £239.39 £199.49
  21. Steel Splash Wet Area Lockers

    As low as £219.98 £183.32
  22. Splash Laminate Lockers

    As low as £321.90 £268.25