Nursery and EYFS

Design a child-led Nursery or EYFS outdoor learning and play space using our standard product range or why not take advantage of our bespoke design service? Our Outdoor Learning Consultant Ben will work alongside you to bring to life an outdoor learning environment that will help children to express themselves, explore their imaginations, mastermind investigations, take safe risks and make mistakes, decisions, and choices by incorporating the 7 areas of learning into our designs.




Bespoke Sensory Wall                                                                                                                                                                L Shape Mud Kitchen

Our bespoke sensory wall sparks visual stimulation, encourages children to use their senses as                                           Our stunning ‘L’ Shaped Mud Kitchen is built using tanalised timber. Not only does this product 

they touch, feel, scratch the various sensory elements whilst supporting language development,                                          spark the children’s imagination, creativity and sensory play but the windows / serving hatch 

cognitive growth, gross motor skills, social interaction and provides unlimited fun.                                                                create a role play experience; all whilst encouraging the child’s confidence and language skills.


EYFS Large Waterwall                                                                                                                                                               Traverse Wall         

This water wall is great for all kinds of sensory play for children and would make a great                                                     Traversing” means to climb across rather than to climb up. This activity requires skill, strength, 

addition to your learning environment. This water wall will help the children learn and explore                                           and agility and is a safer and more suitable way for children, as their feet are never more 

whilst discovering different elements. The children can have lots of fun pouring the water and                                             than 400mm off the ground.

watching as it flows down the different parts of the wall.