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Welcome to our office booths and pods category, where modern design meets practicality in the world of office environments. In today's dynamic workplaces, creating functional and versatile spaces is essential for collaboration, focus, and productivity. Our collection of office booths and pods offers innovative solutions to transform your workspace into a hub of creativity and efficiency.

 Explore our range of office booths and pods to discover how you can upgrade your office space:

  1. Office pods typically serve as private workspaces or meeting areas within open office environments, offering benefits such as privacy, noise reduction, and a focused work environment. They come in various sizes and configurations to meet different workplace needs.
  2. Office booths and pods are compact, enclosed environments crafted for confidential phone calls or video conferences. They typically feature acoustic panels, integrated lighting, and convenient power outlets, ensuring an optimal and private communication experience.
  3. Office dens, also known as office pods or workplace dens, referring to a small, semi-private or fully private enclosed spaces within an office environment. These spaces are designed to offer employees a quiet and focused area for tasks that require concentration, such as individual work, phone calls, video conferences, or small meetings.
  4. Acoustic seating is specially designed to reduce noise levels, enhance concentration, and create more comfortable and productive environments. These seating solutions typically incorporate acoustic materials and designs that are sound absorbing, helping to create quieter and more peaceful work environment.

Why choose office booths and pods?

Privacy and concentration: Office booths and pods provide seclude environments for focused work, meetings, or private calls. They shield occupants from distractions, ensuring uninterrupted concentration.

Collaboration and brainstorming: These purposeful spaces are not just for solitary work. They serve as collaborative hubs for brainstorming sessions, group discussions and creative teamwork, fostering idea generation and innovation.

Technology integration: Many office booths and pods come equipped with seamless technology, including power outlets and audiovisual equipment, to support modern work needs and virtual meetings.

Comfort and ergonomics: Designed with ergonomics in mind, these spaces often incorporate integrated seating and ergonomic features to ensure comfort during extended work sessions.

Sound isolation: Sound isolation features keep conversations confidential and maintain a quite atmosphere within open office layouts, enhancing overall workplace well being.

Customisation: Tailor your office booths and pods to match your brand aesthetics and workspace requirements. Choose from a variety of colours, sizes and configurations to create a cohesive and inspiring office environment.

Versatility: These versatile solutions can be placed strategically throughout the office, serving various purposes, from private workstations to collaboration zones, phone booths and relaxation areas.

Enhanced productivity: By providing dedicated spaces for specific tasks, office booths and pods optimise productivity by allowing employees to choose the environment that best suits their current work needs.

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  1. Poetry High Back Sofa Meeting Pod

    As low as £3,339.47 £2,782.89
  2. Hush Office Sofa Booth Seating

    As low as £1,168.42 £973.68
  3. Tranquility Office Sofa Booth Seating

    As low as £1,166.57 £972.14
  4. Element One Seater Highback Sofa

    Special Price £1,027.55 £856.29 Regular Price £1,076.30 £896.92
  5. Kuddle 2 Seater Low Breakout Den

    As low as £2,575.30 £2,146.08
  6. Kuddle 2 Seater High Breakout Den

    As low as £3,676.86 £3,064.05
  7. Converse Single Booth Seat with Back and Sides

    As low as £1,983.60 £1,653.00
  8. Element Highback Office Pod with Castors

    Special Price £1,483.00 £1,235.83 Regular Price £1,511.26 £1,259.38
  9. Kuddle 6 Seater High Breakout Den

    As low as £5,303.70 £4,419.75
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