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At Cost Cutters UK we have an extensive range of office desks, available in a variety of different styles and finishes, we like to think of ourselves as a leading UK supplier of office desks for a number of reasons. One of which is ensuring that we go the extra mile to ensure we meet our customers’ needs. Browse through our range to see how we achieve this, the vast collection of workplace desks we offer come in different styles, colours, finishes, mobility options and much more to meet your requirements. At Cost Cutters UK we provide an accessible range of office desks, we make every effort to make sure you can maximise your budget with us with ease. 

At Cost Cutters UK, we provide reception desks which are often a centre point of any organisation's entrance area. This is the first thing guests and important visitors will see when entering your workplace, so why not make a great first impression with our reception desks. Our reception desks come with a lot of customisation features, we provide bespoke options to customers both modern and traditional and we have a special-order team that would be delighted to assist you with any design advice or inspiration you may need.

We also provide bench desks which are a great pick for any office space. They are multi-functional desks that provide sit-stand and height adjustable options. Our bench desks are complimented with a high-quality sleek finish that provides a minimalist look and they are manufactured with space saving as a priority to provide businesses with the best opportunity to maximise their space. For example, our Evolve office desk has a sliding top so you can easily access your cable management, extend and grow your desk with ease, and encourage collaboration amongst your employees with our bench desks. 

Why not opt for our free spatial planning to make the vision for your space come to fruition, we have a team of hard-working professionals at the ready to assist you with everything you could possibly need. We also provide free delivery on thousands of our products, and if you purchase in bulk a lot of our products have bulk discounts applied on checkout to give you more for your money.

Our friendly sales team would be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding ordering your new office desks. Get in touch with us today via the contact information available on our webpage. 

Available in a range of styles and finishes our extensive office desk ranges are suitable for modern or traditional office settings. Featuring sit-stand options and having a range of complementary products available, we are sure to have a desk to suit your needs and that or your organisation.

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  1. Maestro 25 Left/Right Hand Ergonomic Desk with Cantilever Frame and Desk High Pedestal

    Special Price £280.00 £233.33 Regular Price £536.94 £447.45
  2. Connex 2-Seater Cluster Bench Office Desking

    As low as £424.58 £353.82
  3. Maestro 25 Left/Right Hand Ergonomic Office Desk

    Special Price £168.00 £140.00 Regular Price £290.81 £242.34
  4. Adapt Single Scallop Cut Office Desk

    Special Price £147.20 £122.67 Regular Price £208.51 £173.76
  5. Maestro 25 Straight Desk with Two x 3 Drawer Pedestals

    As low as £422.81 £352.34
  6. Maestro 25 Straight Desk with 3 Drawer Pedestal

    As low as £303.24 £252.70
  7. Rectangular Folding Meeting Table with Curved Legs

    As low as £255.28 £212.73
  8. Straight Desk with 2 Drawer Pedestal

    As low as £260.60 £217.17
  9. Maestro 25 Straight Desk with 2 X Two Drawer Pedestal and Cantilever Leg Frame

    As low as £356.52 £297.10
  10. Contract 25 Straight H Frame Leg Desk

    As low as £94.26 £78.55
  11. Maestro 25 Straight Cantilever Desk

    Special Price £132.80 £110.67 Regular Price £174.18 £145.15
  12. Maestro 25 Straight Desk with 2 drawer pedestal and Cantilever Leg Frame

    Special Price £284.80 £237.33 Regular Price £303.24 £252.70
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Items 1-12 of 2086

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