Industrial Lockers

We offer a wide range of durable commercial lockers, all available to buy direct online.

At Cost Cutters we offer a comprehensive range of heavy-duty commercial storage lockers including gym lockers, office lockers, workplace lockers, industrial lockers, workwear & PPE lockers and charging lockers.

Our range of commercial lockers are hard wearing and offer a strong and highly durable storage solution for many different workplace and educational environments. 

We offer the perfect choice if you need a commercial locker for regular use and are hardwearing designed to cope with busy environments such as schools, offices and construction areas.

All our commercial lockers are suitable for businesses with high staff rotation levels and changing shift patterns. The heavy metal options are highly durable when compared to cheap counterparts and will certainly pay for themselves in the long term.

Our comprehensive commercial locker range ensures we can offer a practical solution for all environments and space requirements as we offer a wide range of sizes, colours and locking options, all of which can be customised.

If you require support with your space planning, please give a member of our expert design team a call to discuss your requirements.

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  1. Probe Full Height Standard Metal Locker 1-6 Door

    As low as £116.80 £97.33
  2. HERO 1-6 Door Metal Locker with Sloping Top and Cam Lock

    As low as £92.30 £76.92
  3. Supertuff Outdoor Locker Weatherproof Plastic

    As low as £84.40 £70.33
  4. Full Height Premium Laminate Door Lockers

    As low as £274.19 £228.49
  5. Modular Jumbo Plastic All Weather Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    As low as £331.15 £275.96
  6. Probe Low Standard Metal Locker 2-3 Door

    As low as £153.77 £128.14
  7. Steel Splash Wet Area Lockers

    As low as £197.29 £164.41
  8. Cube Lockers

    As low as £77.36 £64.47
  9. Perforated Door Lockers

    As low as £155.23 £129.36
  10. Large Plastic Outdoor Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    As low as £316.79 £263.99
  11. Hero Clean and Dirty Industrial Locker with Separator, Sloping Top and Key Lock

    As low as £180.00 £150.00
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Items 1-12 of 46

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Our lockers are designed with security and effectiveness in mind, offering strong storage solutions for many different items. From personal effects to power tools and laptops, we offer a wide range to suit all types of environment. Not sure which lockers you need? Read below to learn more.

Types of Locker

Storage Lockers

These lockers vary in height and depth, numbers of doors and colour. They are normally quite narrow in space but do not take up much space in a given area, perfect for documents, personal belongings and workwear. They offer a systematic and organized appearance to any room they are installed into. The lockers do not need fixing to a wall, meaning they can be easily moved to a different location without having to remove and brackets or screws.

Workplace Lockers 

Our workplace lockers are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and can perform a multitude of functions ensuring that you provide the most suitable lockers for staff needs. Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch to discuss our fully customisable staffroom lockers which can be designed to suit your corporate branding, function required or staffroom style. Providing safe and secure workplace lockers for employee’s personal belongings and onsite equipment is essential in areas where floor space may be at a premium and in environments where health and safety good practice is paramount. 

Metal Lockers 

Designed to conform with the relevant British standards, our range of industrial storage lockers are a perfect addition to your staffrooms, communal areas, workshops or operating sites. The industrial lockers for sale online include indoor and outdoor options and help to ensure good health and safety at work practices are upheld. Included within the industrial storage lockers that we provide are, specialist lockers, PPE lockers, anti-stock theft lockers, pod lockers, clean environment lockers and tool, laptop and media charging lockers.

PPE Lockers

We offer a wide range of lockers suitable for storing different items of work ware and PPE. With options of single or twin lockers, each unit can provide 1 to 2 workers with a place to store their personal belongings and work wear. Employers are now responsible for making sure all personal protective equipment is stored correctly. This includes the use of hard hats, goggles, masks, ear defenders, gloves, overalls and boots which allow for a safe work environment. This is all part of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 act. Each of the locker doors feature the mandatory signage, this helps to keep employees informed about storing their belongings. It also prevents users from storing any items that may damage or won't fit into the lockers.

We also supply workwear lockers which are suitable for a wide range of garments. Popular sectors include hospitality and manufacturing. They provide a disposable process for used and dirty uniform or overalls. The lockers provide a secure storage solution for storing different items of clothing for when employees are required to wear a uniform.

Charging Lockers

Our range of Charging Lockers allow you to safely store and charge your items, from laptops to phone, drills to small items. These lockers allow quick use charging and look stylish around the workplace. These lockers help to keep your valuable items safe and stop cables being left out, causing trip hazards. We can offer various dimensions and colours to suit small or large appliances. We can also offer tall compartments which are ideal for power tools and large laptops.