Keep everyone updated with the latest notices with our great range of Notice Boards. Our Boards are all manufactured in the UK and are perfect for offices, common rooms and corridors. A wide range of colours, materials and sizes are available.

For any queries or our latest bulk buy dicounts, call our friendly customer services team on 03333 443370 now!

If you are looking for new classroom notice boards for your facility, then Cost Cutters UK can provide you with a range of innovative options. For the past 25 years, our team have been stocking and selling a selection of high-quality school notice boards to organisations around the country. We can provide you with options that are ideal for use in classrooms, corridors, staff rooms and even schoolyards. Alongside our traditional school notice board options, we also supply a range of items that have been designed for use by young pupils themselves.

Our broad range of school notice boards are available in various designs; from plain and simple to vibrant shapes that are made to appeal to young children. Our team considers the ages of all of the pupils who will be using the equipment, and we stock plenty of items that can be used by children of all ages. Alongside our standard school notice boards, we offer lockable notice boards and mobile options among many others. Our high-quality notice boards also come with a variety of frame preferences including traditional wooden, unframed and aluminium frame styles. Browse through our collection of classroom notice boards and you’ll be sure to find a piece that you can utilise in your institution.

We also offer a range of outdoor notice boards that are all designed to resist harsh outdoor elements throughout the year. The waterproof surfacing of our low-maintenance notice boards makes them durable enough to withstand all weather types. Whether you’re looking for noticeboards for preschoolers or for young adults at a university or college, Cost Cutters UK can supply you with a range of high-quality options. You can contact us by email or call us on 03333 443370 for more details on our bulk buy deals. Cost Cutters UK also provide a free design and planning service to help you to design a school area while considering the position of the notice board.


We stock our school notice boards from some of the leading furniture manufacturers internationally. All of the products have been tried and tested by our team to ensure that they offer the high standards in quality that Cost Cutters have become known for. Since the classroom is a busy environment with a constant influx of pupils throughout the day, we’ve made sure that all of the school notice boards within our collection are able to withstand everyday wear and tear. If you're struggling to choose a school notice board to incorporate into the design of your classroom or any other school area, then you can contact us and our team will advise you accordingly.

Every educational facility comes with different design and decor preferences, which is why we have made a wide choice of colours and styles available on our site. Our design team members are all experts in ergonomics, always looking for ways to improve the functionality of our products. With such wide-ranging collection of school notice board varieties available on our site, you’ll be certain to find a design, frame type and colour scheme to suit your own setting perfectly. 

All our school notice boards at Cost Cutters UK are offered at very competitive prices. We have also grouped all of our items into economy, classic and premium price arrangements to cater for a number of budgets. Even if you’re working on a very limited budget, then Cost Cutters UK will have plenty of options for you to choose from. If you're looking to purchase several notice boards to place around your school, then you can enjoy a discount with our bulk buy option. Just give our team a call for information on our latest bulk buy deals.

At Cost Cutters UK, you’ll find plenty of school notice boards that meet your design requirements and look great whilst also remaining within your set budget. If you’re working to a strict time frame, then we’ll be sure to meet your delivery needs with our Next Day Delivery options. We have been stocking, selling and delivering quality school notice boards from top manufacturers for more than 25 years. Our high level of experience with these kinds of products is what makes us a leading option in the industry.

When you make a purchase with Cost Cutters UK, you can make the most of our expert customer service team as well as benefiting from our high-quality products that come at fantastic value for money. Hundreds of organisations across the country have benefitted from our innovative classroom noticeboard pieces and you can too. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the deals that we offer. 

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