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Climbing Frames

At Cost Cutters UK we have a fantastic selection of climbing frames available. We have indoor and outdoor climbing frames available, for multiple different age groups. We have multiple different designs of climbing frames available for you to choose from. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new climbing frame, then you’re looking in the right place!

At Cost Cutters UK we have a wide range of climbing frames available. Our indoor climbing frames are a versatile option as they can be used all year round. Our indoor options include ramps, bridges, climbing frame sets and much more! Our climbing frames are available in multiple different finishes, such as vinyl, metal and wooden climbing frames. We also have a large selection of outdoor climbing frames. These include podium trek sets, bridges, trail sets, driving sets, kinder gyms, climbing frames, as well as many more items available for you to choose from. Our range of climbing frames are available as flat packed or assembled, depending on the product.  Our indoor and outdoor climbing frames are guaranteed to be long lasting products, as they are manufactured by quality brands, such as Millhouse, Profile education and Cosy Direct.

Lots of our climbing frames are also available with at least a 3-year guarantee. So, why not check out our climbing frames online today and get in touch with our friendly sales team!

At Cost Cutters UK we understand that you could be looking to purchase multiple different products from our climbing frame range. This could therefore turnout to be quite expensive.

However, don’t worry we value our customers highly and want to help you as much as possible. That’s why we offer bulk buy discounts, to help keep costs down. We also understand that you may want some help with planning out a new playground area for your school or nursery.

We can also help you do this, as we offer free planning service, free site consultation and also professional installation. This helps make your life easier, as our professionals will help oversee the project. If you’d like to learn more or make a bespoke enquiry, then our friendly team will be more than happy to aid and assist you where possible.

 So, if you’re looking to purchase a climbing frame, whether it be an indoor or outdoor climbing frame, then why not purchase it from Cost Cutters UK. At Cost Cutters UK we are a reliable and trustworthy company with great reviews and over 30 years’ experience in online trading. Get in touch with us online today, to see how we can help you with your next project!

Keep your little monkeys active and engaged with our range of jungle gyms, climbing frames and wooden play sets. For indoor and outdoor learning environments you can stimulate children’s gross motor and social skills through active play.

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  1. Wormy - 4 Section

    As low as £274.52 £228.77
  2. Toddlers Wooden Climbing Frame

    As low as £3,286.03 £2,738.36
  3. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Climbing A-Frame with Sensory Mirror and Chalkboard

    Special Price £771.20 £642.67 Regular Price £900.80 £750.67
  4. Early Years Outdoor Playground Wooden Mini Monkey Bars

    Special Price £418.08 £348.40 Regular Price £429.54 £357.95
  5. Outdoor Toddler Walkway With Steps and Hand Rails

    Special Price £206.10 £171.75 Regular Price £211.74 £176.45
  6. Early Years Outdoor Monkey Bars

    Special Price £496.64 £413.87 Regular Price £510.25 £425.21
  7. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Clamber Grass Hill Perch

    Special Price £448.80 £374.00 Regular Price £461.10 £384.25
  8. Outdoor Mini Grass Climbing Crescent

    As low as £542.14 £451.78
  9. Early Years Mini Outdoor Climbing Crest

    Special Price £500.48 £417.07 Regular Price £514.19 £428.49
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Climbing Frames & Indoor Climbing Frames

An indoor climbing frame is a fantastic and creative way to add an all-year-round climbing asset to your physical education in your school or educational facility. We have a fantastic range of multi-use indoor climbing frames, in a vast array of colours, sizes and all frames come with fitting and spatial planning to help you visualise your new apparatus in your gym hall.

Indoor climbing walls or an indoor climbing frame, as they are also known, can offer great flexibility to your physical education lessons or children’s play area and allows you a new fun and engaging vertical for your students to enjoy!

Many of our indoor climbing frames are also multi-use and come with a built-in Den and slides, which are fantastic for children’s play areas or breakout rooms.


Why is an Indoor Climbing Frame A Good Option?

Indoor climbing frames are a great versatile option as they can be used all year round for educational or play purposes.


Why Should I Choose Cost Cutters UK for my Indoor Climbing Frame?

Cost Cutters UK have a fantastic range of indoor climbing frames with free next day delivery UK-wide, as well as a large team of experts who can help you with fittings and spatial planning, if required.