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School Library Furniture

Children’s reading areas create a space for young minds to flourish and learn. Children’s library space should be sensory where attention can be focussed on early reading and stories. Reading is fun and so, should be encouraged in a comfortable, inviting area which will be instrumental in helping children discover their love of books. It is during this crucial time that children’s long-term attitudes are shaped towards reading.

At Cost Cutters UK, we have a wide range of library furniture and shelving suitable for use by young and established readers alike. With intersective Playscapes and storage seating options we are sure to have the perfect product for your learning area. Cost Cutters UK also offer a free full design, planning and installation option to transform your space into an innovative great learning environment.

School Library Furniture

Planning a library renovation at your school? Discover a variety of school library furniture in our collection. As library furniture suppliers, we understand the different aspects required to bring a library space together and make it a central space for pupils of all ages within your school. Whether you want to incorporate soft seating and reading corners, or computer tables and study carrels - we can help you to plan your library so it flows correctly. Shop our full range of library furniture for schools below.

Browse our children’s library furniture below

Whether you’re planning a renovation of the library in a primary school, secondary school or college, choose from our diverse range of school library furniture to find exactly what you need.


We’re aware that every institution has different needs and requirements regarding their school library furniture, with different uses of space, style and budget. During the design process, these factors are considered in order to provide an extensive range of fully functional school library furniture. With our diverse collection of library furniture for schools, you’ll be certain to find a suitable combination of equipment to use in your library.

Our school library furniture is designed to offer lasting quality and durability so that your pupils can enjoy years of using them. The pieces within our collection are tough enough to withstand wear and tear even after years of sustained use. If you’d like to get some advice and guidance from our expert team when it comes to choosing suitable items for your facility, contact us for more details. Let us know what you have in mind and then we'll offer a bulk buy discount option to suit your budget.

Find school library furniture in a variety of colours, styles and pricing options

With our aesthetic library furniture, you can encourage the pupils to use the area a lot more since they’ll enjoy spending time in a space that’s both engaging and stimulating. Available in a variety of different styles and colours,

our practical library furniture is made to benefit young people and teachers alike. With our guidance, you can elevate the learning environment for every child at your facility as they make use of the library.

Our school library furniture is divided into economy, classic and premium options. By providing full transparency, our site makes it easy for you to find an arrangement that best suits your budget whilst meeting the design requirements for your institution.

Shop our collection of school library furniture and order online today. Or if you’re refurbishing the entire school, browse our full range of school furniture online. 


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Items 1-30 of 823

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  1. Chasewood Room Scene - Reading Corner

    As low as £1,730.88 £1,442.40
  2. Early Years Indoor Wooden School Tree House Library Corner

    Special Price £581.71 £484.76 Regular Price £586.51 £488.76
  3. Early Years Reading Corner Apple Tree Book Display

    Special Price £196.88 £164.07 Regular Price £201.68 £168.07
  4. Nexus Library Bookcase Combination - Set 5

    As low as £2,329.61 £1,941.34
  5. Cumbria Single Sided 1500 Library Bookcase

    As low as £251.58 £209.65
  6. Nexus Library Bookcase Combination - Set 3

    As low as £1,849.39 £1,541.16
  7. Cumbria Single Sided 1200 Library Bookcase

    As low as £237.98 £198.32
  8. Nexus Library Bookcase Combination - Set 2

    As low as £1,135.30 £946.08
  9. Nexus Library Bookcase Combination - Set 1

    As low as £1,557.18 £1,297.65
  10. Nexus Single Sided Library Bookcase

    As low as £340.37 £283.64
  11. Spectrum Single Sided Library Bookcase

    As low as £454.04 £378.37
  12. Spectrum Double Sided Library Bookcase with Reversible Shelves

    As low as £852.54 £710.45
  13. Early Years Milan Tiered Children's Bookcase with 3 Large Trays

    Special Price £264.43 £220.36 Regular Price £269.23 £224.36
  14. Early Years Milan Single Sided 8 Compartment Storage Unit with 4 Trays

  15. Early Years Beach Reading Corner

    As low as £345.18 £287.65
  16. Bob and Weave Vinyl Breakout Seating

    As low as £139.58 £116.32
  17. Cumbria Double Sided 1500 Library Bookcase

    As low as £414.74 £345.62
  18. Infant Library Reading Corner Seating and Storage Set

    As low as £650.03 £541.69
  19. KubbyClass Reading Corner - Set C

    As low as £2,235.24 £1,862.70
  20. Primary School Water Resistant Classroom Bean Bag Chair

    As low as £76.52 £63.77
  21. School Library Large Bean Bag Reading Chair

    As low as £106.44 £88.70
  22. Spectrum Single Sided Library Bookcase with Reversible Shelves

    As low as £468.04 £390.03
  23. Nexus Library Bookcase Combination - Set 4

    As low as £3,073.26 £2,561.05
  24. Kubbyclass Square Double Study Carrel

    As low as £376.07 £313.39
  25. Spectrum Double Sided Library Bookcase

    As low as £743.11 £619.26
  26. KubbyClass Reading Corner - Set B

    As low as £1,110.06 £925.05
  27. Cumbria Double Sided 1200 Library Bookcase

    As low as £387.00 £322.50
  28. Maplescape Hideaway Double Nook

    As low as £2,161.61 £1,801.34
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Items 1-30 of 823

per page
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Library Furniture

Our range of library furniture provides young children with the appropriate space which they require to focus and better develop their reading skills. Cost Cutter’s school library furniture is instrumental in assisting young children with shaping their attitudes surrounding reading and the benefits it can bring long-term. It is important to encourage reading early, doing this in a comfortable environment that supports learning sets a great foundation, our library furniture is suitable for use by younger readers with Playscapes and storage options.

At Cost Cutters we take pride in being one of the leading suppliers of library furniture in the UK, our library furniture is designed and manufactured to provide users with great lasting quality, and excellent durability. With longevity in mind, our library furniture includes laminated tops, bump proof edging and much more to ensure our products will last for years to come.

We have a wide selection of library shelving, tables, chairs, spinners and bookcases to choose from so we’re almost certain that we will have something for you. If you are looking to make a higher quantity purchase, we provide customers with a bulk purchase option to provide you with better value for money. Our library furniture comes in a range of different colours, sizes and materials and a lot of our library furniture has great functionality, you can also choose from primary and secondary school catered library furniture which is subject to your requirements.

If you are looking for assistance with renovating your library at your school, or you need help with inspiration for your vision to better maximise your space, Cost Cutters would be delighted to help. We understand that it can sometimes require a lot of time and effort to bring a library space together, it's a very important space for development and often a central space for pupils of all ages. Here at Cost Cutters our team of experts would be happy to assist you with choosing the right items for your space, we understand that different spaces have different needs and requirements in regards to style, budget and the use of space, this is something that our team will consider to ensure you maximise your space to its full potential. We also provide free full design, planning and installation so you can transform your desired space into a great environment for learning and development. 

Get in touch with us today to start planning your renovation, or with any questions you may have surrounding finding the best library furniture for you, our friendly team of professionals are here to help with anything you may need.