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Worklace cupboards are the unsung heroes of efficient and organised offices, workshops, and buisnesses. These versatile storage solutios are designed to declutter, streamline, and enhance functionality in any work workplace environmnet.

Storage Solutions for Every Need: Workplace cupboards and cabinets come in a range of sizes and configurations to meet your specific storage requirements. From compact cabinets for office supplies to spacious industrail cupboards for tools and equipment, there's a cupboard for every worspace.

Organisation and Accessibility: These cupboards and cabinets offers smart organisation with adjustable shelves, drawers, and compartments, making it easy to categorise and access items swiftly. Keep your workspace tody and ensure that everything has its designated place.

Investing in workplace cupboards is an investment in productivity, organisation, and professionalism. These versatile storage solutions empower your employees to work effciently while maintaing a clutter-free, harmonious, and visually appealing workspace.

We have a wide range of metal industrial storage cupboards available, from hazardous and CoSHH cupboards to workplace and security cupboards.

If you require assistance with your workshop, factory or stockroom fit out, then get in touch with a member of our project planning team who will be happy to help.

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  1. P.P.E Clothing Cupboards with 4 Shelves

    As low as £905.17 £754.31
  2. P.P.E Clothing Cupboards

    As low as £761.16 £634.30
  3. P.P.E Cupboards

    As low as £322.28 £268.57
  4. First Aid Storage Cupboards

    As low as £273.06 £227.55
  5. Mobile Cupboards

    As low as £620.75 £517.29
  6. First Aid Security Cupboards

    As low as £935.09 £779.24
  7. Wall Mounted First Aid Cupboard

    As low as £361.97 £301.64
  8. Wall Mounted Workplace Cupboard

    As low as £315.92 £263.27
  9. Drawer to Suit Multi-Storage Cupboard

    As low as £192.10 £160.08
  10. Secure Metal Industrial Clothing Storage Cupboards

    As low as £765.23 £637.69
  11. Heavy Duty Metal Utility Storage Cupboards with Strengthened Doors

    As low as £641.39 £534.49
  12. Multi-Storage Vision Door Cupboard

    As low as £1,505.04 £1,254.20
  13. Security Cupboards

    As low as £836.29 £696.91
  14. Wall Mounted Perforated Tool Cupboards

    As low as £779.45 £649.54
  15. Heavy Duty Storage Cupboard with Perspex Vision Door

    As low as £395.32 £329.43
  16. Perforated Door Cupboards

    As low as £501.17 £417.64
  17. Workplace Metal Storage Cupboards with 2 Point Locking System

    As low as £369.17 £307.64
  18. Flammable Liquid Storage Cupboard

    As low as £269.89 £224.91
  19. CoSHH Security Cupboard

    As low as £1,355.66 £1,129.72
  20. Acid & Alkali Security Cupboard

    As low as £935.09 £779.24
  21. Hazardous Security Cupboard

    As low as £922.39 £768.66
  22. Pesticide & Agrochemical Cupboards

    As low as £279.42 £232.85
  23. Acid & Alkali Mobile Cupboard

    As low as £631.86 £526.55
  24. Acid & Alkali Cupboards

    As low as £371.50 £309.58
  25. CoSHH Cupboard

    As low as £257.18 £214.32
  26. Wall Mounted CoSHH Cupboard

    As low as £336.58 £280.48
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Items 1-30 of 62

per page
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