Nursery Storage Units

Discover efficient and practical nursery storage solutions at CostCuttersUK. Our wide range of nursery storage options is designed to keep your childcare setting organized and clutter-free. From versatile shelving units and lunchbox trolleys to mobile storage units and book display's, we offer a variety of solutions to suit your specific needs. With durable construction and child-friendly designs, our nursery storage solutions provide easy access to toys, books, and supplies while maximizing space utilization. Explore our collection and create a tidy and functional environment for little learners.

Tray Storage- The Tray Storage solutions available at CostCuttersUK are tailored to meet the specific needs of early years education, providing an organized and accessible storage option for nurseries and preschools. These innovative storage units are designed to accommodate a variety of educational materials, toys, and supplies, promoting an engaging and tidy learning environment for young children. With a focus on functionality and durability, the Tray Storage units feature multi-coloured trays that make it easy to sort and identify items. The modular design allows for flexibility in arrangement, adapting to the evolving needs of educational spaces. From fostering independence in young learners to assisting educators in efficiently managing classroom resources, the Tray Storage solutions offered by CostCuttersUK contribute to creating a nurturing and productive early years setting.

General Storage Units- Designed to cater to the unique needs of nursery and preschool environments, these storage units offer practical solutions for organizing playrooms, classrooms, and learning spaces. Crafted with durability and child-friendly design in mind, our General Storage Units provide a safe and accessible way to keep toys, supplies, and materials neatly arranged. With their vibrant colours, robust construction, and versatile configurations, these units contribute to creating a stimulating and organized environment that nurtures young minds. Explore our range of General Storage Units and enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of your early years setting.

Lunchbox Storage Units- The Lunchbox Storage solutions available at CostCuttersUK offer a practical and organized approach to managing mealtime routines in early years settings. Designed with the unique needs of nurseries and preschools in mind, these storage units provide a dedicated space for storing children's lunchboxes. The clear and accessible compartments allow for easy identification and retrieval of lunchboxes, streamlining the process for both children and caregivers. These storage units contribute to a tidy and efficient lunch area, promoting a sense of independence among young learners as they learn to manage their belongings. With safety considerations, durability, and convenience in focus, the Lunchbox Storage solutions from CostCuttersUK are an invaluable addition to early years furniture, supporting the daily routines of children and educators alike.


Baby Changing Units- Discover the ultimate solution for organized and efficient nursery spaces with CostCuttersUK’s Baby Changing Storage. Designed with the needs of caregivers and infants in mind, our range of baby changing storage units provides a dedicated and secure area for diaper changing essentials. These thoughtfully crafted units combine convenience and safety, ensuring a seamless experience for both caregivers and babies. With easy access to supplies and ample storage for diapers, wipes, and other essentials, our baby changing storage solutions contribute to a clean and organized nursery environment. Explore our selection and elevate your nursery with functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions that prioritize the comfort and well-being of little ones.


Book Storage Units- CostCuttersUK’s Book Storage solutions for nurseries are designed to cultivate a love for reading from a young age. The featured collection offers a range of thoughtfully crafted storage units that not only keep books organized but also create an inviting reading environment for children. With easy-to-access compartments and durable construction, these storage units encourage early learners to engage with books independently. The designs are both functional and appealing, featuring bright colours and sturdy materials that can withstand the enthusiastic exploration of young readers. Discover the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics with CostCuttersUK’s Book Storage options, promoting literacy and a sense of wonder in nursery settings.


Dressing Up Units- Discover the perfect solution for organizing dress-up playtime with CostCuttersUK’s Dressing Up Storage. Designed specifically for early years settings, this nursery storage unit offers a charming and functional way to store costumes, accessories, and imaginative play items. With its child-friendly design and accessible compartments, children can easily choose their favourite outfits and engage in creative role-playing activities. The durable construction ensures the storage unit can withstand the enthusiastic energy of young learners, while its vibrant appearance adds a touch of excitement to any nursery or preschool environment. Promote tidiness, creativity, and endless fun with CostCuttersUK’s Dressing Up Storage – a must-have addition to early years furniture.


Wellie Storage- Crafted with the practicality of early years education in mind, this storage unit is designed to effortlessly organize wellington boots, shoes, and other essentials. Its thoughtful design incorporates individual compartments for each pair of wellies, ensuring a neat and tidy environment that encourages young learners to independently manage their belongings. With its durable construction and vibrant colours, the Wellie Storage adds a playful touch to any nursery or preschool setting, while simultaneously promoting cleanliness and organizational skills among children. This storage unit is a testament to CostCuttersUK’s commitment to providing early years educators with functional and child-friendly furniture that enhances the overall learning experience.

Art Storage- Explore CostCuttersUK’s comprehensive selection of nursery storage solutions, including the Art Storage range. Designed with the unique needs of early years settings in mind, these storage units provide an organized and accessible space for art supplies, fostering creativity and engagement among young learners. From mobile tray storage units to open shelves, the Art Storage collection offers versatile options to accommodate various classroom layouts and storage requirements.

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  1. Monarch Mobile Classroom Storage Unit with 6 Quad Trays Horizontal

    As low as £434.05 £361.71
  2. Solway Reading Corner with Book Storage and Soft Seat Area Set 2

    Special Price £1,242.00 £1,035.00 Regular Price £1,338.00 £1,115.00
  3. Wooden Storage Shire Shelf Unit

    Special Price £191.94 £159.95 Regular Price £197.20 £164.33
  4. Monarch Mobile Classroom Storage Unit with 4 Quad Trays

    As low as £318.36 £265.30
  5. Cloakroom Bag Wooden Storage Unit 16 Compartments

    As low as £405.44 £337.87
  6. Monarch Mobile Classroom Storage Unit with 12 Quad Trays

    As low as £432.14 £360.12
  7. Monarch Mobile Classroom Storage Unit with 8 Quad Trays

    As low as £348.40 £290.33
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We offer a vast range of highly practical nursery and EYFS storage solutions. Our nursery storage solutions can be used for a wide variety of storage purposes such as lunchbox storage, art storage, PE storage, book storage, baby changing, and tray storage to name a few. Our nursery storage units are sturdy, versatile, and hard-wearing meaning that they will be suitable for any EYFS environment or facility.

We believe that is important to keep playtime tidy and organised. You can do this with our range of EYFS storage solutions. They are designed and tailored meet your youngster’s needs and are the perfect size for them to learn to tidy up.

Our nursery storage units are available in natural finishes or bright, vibrant colours. They are also available in many different shapes, sizes, and variations meaning that you can choose the specification to suit your classroom theme.

Most of our nursery storage solutions boast a 5-year guarantee.