Classroom Tables

With over 25 years’ experience in furnishing and refurbishing schools, we can offer a huge range of advice and assistance when choosing school tables for your school. The classroom tables for sale are available in economy, classic and premium - offering you choices to suit your budget and requirements.

We also provide a range of school tables to cater for specific needs and environments, such as exam desks, lightweight folding tables and height adjustable tables.

Renovating the canteen too? Our school dining furniture is preferred by schools due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal, and high design and quality. Match the correct chair size to the correct height of the table with our guide below to help you start the process. Shop the full range of classroom tables below.

Discover our complete range of school tables

Children’s School Tables And Chairs Guide

Find the perfect classroom tables for your school with Cost Cutters

If you're thinking about refurbishing or furnishing the entire school, we have many excellent choices. Regardless of the varying needs you may have for your classroom tables, our leading school suppliers in the UK offer a diverse range of choices. Browse online and find many types and designs of tables - from folding tables that are easily moved across various learning settings, to our versatile height adjustable tables. Rest assured our classroom tables are sturdy enough to allow heavy and frequent use.

Our collection of school tables accommodate pupils of every age. We have strong and mobile options for learners in both primary and high school. You can also find early years' tables for your pupils in preschool; in plenty of vibrant colours to help raise the concentration levels of the kids, as well as encourage interaction. Whether you’re looking for wooden classroom tables or round classroom tables, find what you need with Cost Cutters.  

Tailor your classroom tables to your exact requirements

Tight budget? No problem. We have various price arrangements that we offer when you are buying our classroom tables. It doesn't matter the budget you have, contact us and we will assess how we can cater to your requirements. Furnish your school with durable and convenient school tables at competitive prices.

Order your children’s school tables today and enjoy quick and reliable delivery. For all of our other options, browse our complete range of school furniture online.


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  1. Express Stacking Rectangle School Table

    Special Price £87.59 £72.99 Regular Price £87.77 £73.14
  2. Express Rectangle Classroom Tables - Fully Welded

    Special Price £87.59 £72.99 Regular Price £87.77 £73.14
  3. Rectangle Classroom Tables With Trays

    As low as £121.84 £101.53
  4. Express Square School Table

  5. Crushed Bent School Lab Tables with MDF Edge

    As low as £187.58 £156.32
  6. Laboratory Table With Trespa Top

    As low as £373.90 £311.58
  7. Titan Multi-Purpose School Rectangle Classroom Tables with Black Frame

    As low as £93.59 £77.99
  8. Premium Stacking Square Classroom Table

    As low as £70.18 £58.48
  9. Premium Stacking Classroom Table - Rectangle MDF Edge

    As low as £89.58 £74.65
  10. Fully Welded Classroom Table with White Top

    As low as £74.65 £62.21
  11. RetroMod Wooden Lift Up Classroom Desk

    As low as £190.43 £158.69
  12. Tuf-Top Height Adjustable Teacher Flower Classroom Table

    As low as £343.76 £286.47
  13. Metalliform Connect Modular Classroom Table

    As low as £173.62 £144.68
  14. Metalliform Elite School Classroom Height Adjustable Table - Flower Shape

    As low as £627.08 £522.57
  15. Circular Tilt Top Dining Table with MDF edge

    As low as £333.53 £277.94