School Chairs and Stools

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Cost Cutters UK offer a high level of expertise when it comes to classroom chairs. We have seen major changes in the design styles and standards of school chairs, moving from the wooden seat and basic polypropylene chair options of the 80's and 90's onto much more sophisticated types.

The introduction of European standards EN1729 also changed the shape and sizes requirements of chairs. Finding the ideal chairs for your pupils can be an art in itself, whether you’re dealing with toddlers in nurseries, right through to young adults in colleges. Not all children are made the same, but we understand the needs of the modern classroom for comfort and durability.

With many years of experience in the school market, we will help you to select the correct chairs to suit your children. Don't forget to check out our bulk quantity deals by contacting us, either by email or giving our team a call on 03333 443370! We have included a chair height to table guide to help you select the right chairs for the age group you need.

You are assured of the benefit of lasting quality from our range of school chairs, with a selection of excellent options from some of the leading manufacturers around the UK and Europe. Even better, our extensive network of bulk buy options means that you can get these quality school seating and classroom chair options at excellent prices, allowing us to cater to the diverse variety of budgets amongst schools and other education facilities. Our vast range of school chair options includes plastic, wooden, skid base, swivel, and chairs with writing tablets.

Our chairs are manufactured by leading brands such as Hille, Metalliform, Remploy, Sebel, and Titan, so you are sure to find the brand and style you need! We have a variety of stacking chairs that are great for classroom environments where space is at a premium or multiple uses are required from the room. Picking your ideal school chairs may turn out to be a challenging task for an educational institution. A variety of considerations have to be taken, as not only do you need to think about the appearance of the furniture, but also the users of the chairs. Our experts at Cost Cutters UK understand that children have different seating needs and therefore, supply a range of heights and sizes across our chairs.

Excitingly, the school seating range we deliver comes with lots of colour choices. Our stacking chairs, kids desk chairs and stackable chair options are each designed to accommodate children of all ages. Our products serve young people through the schooling system into adulthood, and we guarantee favourable pieces on school chairs. You are sure to find a set of classroom chairs for your 3 or 4-year-olds, as well as school chairs for teenagers in middle school or high school. Come and get a variety of chairs suitable for colleges and universities students.

As you can see from our broad range of options, Cost Cutters UK is determined to offer flexibility to its clients. We also ensure the buying experience for our customers is equally beneficial, as having established extensive connections we are able to assist you in getting access to many of the UK's and Europe’s leading furniture manufacturers. Our school seating options come in economy, classic and premium ranges, guaranteeing selections to fit into your budget and the requirements as well. Our team strive to deliver quality choices to all of our clients.

Our kids’ desk chairs are not just long-lasting; they have pleasing modern and aesthetic characteristics. The appearance and functionality of the furniture we stock provides options for a variety of requirements and environments. We also have writing tablet chairs for exams and chair trolleys to move your chairs to specific environments for events. Our stackable chairs come in options you can use for any location, with different colour schemes available to offer a perfect fit.

We have quality stackable chairs for use with dining tables, with the versatility, aesthetic appeal and high-quality design of our school chairs making them compatible with many schools, with themed kids chairs offered in a range of colours and shapes to use for nursery and pre-school aged children. Older children are also catered for. We offer stacking chairs you can move for various functions and lessons. The chairs we have can be used for all science laboratories and ICT computer workstation.

Here at Cost Cutters UK, we have practicality at our heart and offer ideal designs with our school chairs. Our chairs come with suitable design features to use in any classroom environment. We possess years of experience that enables us to offer a large number of excellent products. Every item comes with great value and reliable customer service, so get in touch today for expert advice and assistance to help you find the perfect new school chairs for the children in your educational setting.

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