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nursery school furniture

Here at CostCuttersUK, our selection of nursery, day-care and preschool furniture is sourced from some of the UK’s best furniture suppliers. We understand that in an early year’s environment, the importance of creating the perfect learning environment is key, as this helps children to flourish in their learning. Shop our full range today!

Our collection of nursery furniture is everything you need to create that safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for those young learners. From sleep mats to cots to functional storage solutions, our nursery furniture sets are perfect for all early year’s settings.

At CostCuttersUK, we understand how crucial it is to provide the right furniture for those little learners, supporting their development and helping to make learning fun and memorable. Our nursery tables, chairs, and soft seating options are perfect for creating an inviting space for the children to gather for activities, storytelling, and role-play.

Whether you're launching a brand-new nursery or breathing fresh life into your existing one, our nursery furniture selection offers versatility and practicality to create the environment just the way you imagine it.

Kit out your classroom with our wide range of nursery furniture. At CostCuttersUK, we have furniture to suit every space, décor, and age range. We offer a variety of tables to suit every need, including nursery tables, fast-fold tables, computer tables, height-adjustable tables, and play and light tables. Chairs are available in many styles such as stacking chairs, feeding chairs, stools and more. Keeping your classroom tidy can be hard sometimes. However, with our wide range of classroom storage, nursery partitions, playpens, lunchbox storage, and baby changing storage, we have the key to keeping classrooms tidy and organised.

At CostCuttersUK, we provide a bespoke free space planning service and on-site consultation to ensure your furniture and equipment will fit perfectly. Get In touch today to discuss!


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  1. Early Years Dream Cloud Stackable Cot with Free Mattress

    As low as £235.74 £196.45
  2. Burntwood Classroom Rectangular Wooden Table

    As low as £192.07 £160.06
  3. Early Years Value Sleep Mat Set of 10

    As low as £155.32 £129.43
  4. Wooden Storage Shire Shelf Unit

    Special Price £193.60 £161.33 Regular Price £201.67 £168.06
  5. Burntwood Classroom Circular Wooden Table

    As low as £215.26 £179.38
  6. Indoor Classroom Wooden Home Zone Role Play Area with Curtains

    As low as £2,888.39 £2,406.99
  7. Early Years Natural Wood Play Kitchen - 5 Piece Set

    Special Price £391.20 £326.00 Regular Price £414.00 £345.00
  8. Early Years Wooden High Corner Panels - Set of 5

    Special Price £576.64 £480.53 Regular Price £600.67 £500.56
  9. tickit Sensory Mood Light Table

    As low as £224.00 £186.67
  10. Early Years Wooden Low Level Storage Set

    Special Price £637.44 £531.20 Regular Price £664.00 £553.33
  11. Postura Plus One Piece Plastic School Chair

    Special Price £22.20 £18.50 Regular Price £27.61 £23.01
  12. Postura Plus One Piece Plastic School Chair - Muted Tones

    As low as £26.45 £22.04
  13. Spaceright Fast Fold Light Weight Benches

    As low as £138.16 £115.13
  14. Wooden Modular Early Years Classroom Storage Squares - Pack of 9

    Special Price £144.00 £120.00 Regular Price £150.00 £125.00
  15. Wooden Classroom Indoor Group Reading Space Arch Frame

    Special Price £304.76 £253.97 Regular Price £317.47 £264.56
  16. Bob and Weave Fabric Early Years Seating

    As low as £131.36 £109.47
  17. Early Years Healdswood Mini Wooden Shelf

    Special Price £191.70 £159.75 Regular Price £199.68 £166.40
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Items 1-30 of 2205

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