School Furniture

School Furniture

Understanding that every educational setting is different, we offer a wide range of educational furniture suitable for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Whether it is classroom tables, entrance mats, learning resources or lockers that you are looking for, we are sure to have an option suitable for your environment.

Find the classroom furniture you need below

As one of the UK's leading school furniture suppliers with over 25 years of experience, we offer furniture for all areas of your building. From the sign at the front gate, through to the bins outside the school canteen, we’ve got a diverse range of school furniture for sale.

Previously, we manufactured and stocked our own brands of school furniture, but to enable us to cater to your exact requirements, we now supply school furniture from around the world.

Our classroom furniture is designed to be tough, durable and capable of coping well with the daily wear and tear of a busy learning environment. What’s more, our school furniture is also designed to look modern and aesthetically pleasing, meaning it’s perfectly suited to the needs of both teachers and students alike. Years of experience means that we can offer a number of top products, at great prices with reliable customer service.

If you are looking to refurbish your school, we can offer help and expertise. For advice and bulk buy discounts call us on 03333 443370.

Discover our range of quality school furniture

Choosing school furniture isn’t an easy decision. Not only do you need to consider how the furniture looks, but you have to think about the pupils’ comfort too. With a range of different colours and sizes available, you’ll be sure to find what you need with us. Within our selection of educational furniture, we also offer classroom storage, lockers and playtime accessories. Our classroom furniture comes in a variety of bright colours, ideal for stimulating development in younger children.

Choose durable, well-designed classroom furniture with Cost Cutters

For important projects such as furnishing or refurbishing your school, opting for a leading educational furniture supplier is essential. With Cost Cutters, you are guaranteed high-quality, durable furniture and well thought out designs to fit the needs of both learners and teachers - with expert advice to help you set out a plan.

Find all the school furniture you need with Cost Cutters

Whether you’re looking for school tables and chairs, storage units and lockers or whiteboards and noticeboards, we have all this and more. For quality, long-lasting classroom furniture, choose Cost Cutters.

Regardless of the varied furniture needs of a school, we deliver to each client reliably. Looking for information on the newest trends and recommended furniture measurement? We can advise you and deliver school furniture made to your exact requirements.

For further information, contact us today. Benefit from the supplies, expertise, and services of experienced professionals with leading educational furniture suppliers, Cost Cutters.

Found what you were looking for? Order your school furniture online or contact us via the phone for tricky orders. Renovating nursery as well? Shop our range of nursery furniture today.

Cost Cutters UK is a trusted school furniture supplier providing schools, libraries and education institutions with furniture for every aspect of the building. We provide furniture including classroom desks, tables, chairs, storage, lockers and more for schools all over the UK. With over 20 years’ experience, we are proud to provide a seamless experience from planning to installation. Cost Cutters UK provides free planning service, site consultation and professional installation to ensure your furniture is curated to suit your requirements and maximise your space. Our experts will conduct a free on-site consultation in order to understand the space we’re working with and ensure your new furniture will not disrupt any of your current furniture or create any hazards.

Our classroom furniture is designed to be functional, durable and easy to clean whilst still looking modern. We can provide tables and chairs to suit all ages, from infants to high school age. All of our products are designed with the comfort of the pupils at the forefront and all of our tables, desks and chairs are available in different sizes and colours to suit every age group and environment.

Along with tables, chairs and desks, we also stock storage areas and educational furniture for other areas of the school such as the library, changing rooms and even outdoors. We have a wide range of classroom storage units, including lockers, lunchbox trollies, bookcases and more. All of our storage units are designed to keep classrooms and other areas as organised as possible to maximise your space. Our storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit every age group and every sized area. We understand that not every school is the same, each school and education institution is different and has different requirements. Cost Cutters UK are proud to work alongside our customers to create bespoke, comfortable environments to suit their individual needs.

Our fantastic prices, over 20 years’ experience in furnishing schools around the UK and our unbeatable customer service makes Cost Cutters UK the right choice for your school furniture. Whether you’re looking to update the classrooms, canteen or the library in your school, we have the furniture to bring your space to life.

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  1. Postura Plus One Piece Plastic School Chair

    Special Price £22.20 £18.50 Regular Price £27.61 £23.01
  2. Express Stacking Rectangle School Table

    Special Price £87.59 £72.99 Regular Price £87.77 £73.14
  3. Postura Plus One Piece Plastic School Chair - Muted Tones

    As low as £26.45 £22.04
  4. Spaceright Fast Fold Rectangular Tables

    As low as £164.93 £137.44
  5. Spaceright 12 Seat Rectangular Mobile Folding Dining Table

    As low as £1,119.52 £932.93
  6. Express Rectangle Classroom Tables - Fully Welded

    Special Price £87.59 £72.99 Regular Price £87.77 £73.14
  7. Monarch Mobile Classroom Storage Unit 1 Column with Single Trays

    As low as £123.78 £103.15
  8. EN One Piece Plastic Classroom Stool

    As low as £63.90 £53.25
  9. Rigi 12 Seater Canteen Breakout Table and Bench Set

    As low as £1,000.56 £833.80
  10. Hille E Series Classroom Chair

    As low as £22.34 £18.62
  11. WriteOn Glass Magnetic Whiteboard

    As low as £79.52 £66.27
  12. Bob and Weave Vinyl Breakout Seating

    As low as £139.58 £116.32
  13. Titan 4 Leg Classroom Chair

    As low as £29.04 £24.20
  14. Accents FlameShield Unframed Noticeboards

    As low as £70.62 £58.85
  15. Titan Arc Reverse Cantilever Classroom Chair

    As low as £68.33 £56.94