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Ignite a child’s imagination and watch their eyes light up with excitement and wonder, when they explore our wide range of dens and adventure playhouses for both indoor and outdoor use. The possibilities are endless from wooden children’s playhouses to versatile fabric dens. Create a new and stimulating sensory world for exploration. Created for early years and primary school use, our dens and playhouses create boundless play and learning opportunities.

Our high-quality den kits offer an easy solution to transform your den into a magical space. A rainforest, a cave, an underwater world or even a time machine our indoor and outdoor dens can be decorated to match any theme or topic.

Quality, robust age appropriate play units encourage social interaction, awareness and knowledge development. Choose from our rattan outdoor play dens, willow tepee, wooden folding dens, fabric pods or sensory LED hideouts!

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  1. Indoor or Outdoor Willow Wig Wam

    Special Price £418.88 £349.07 Regular Price £430.36 £358.63
  2. Early Years Outdoor Wooden Sensory Tunnel Den with Coloured Perspex Peepholes

    Special Price £512.16 £426.80 Regular Price £526.19 £438.49
  3. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Playground Shed - Role Play Shop

    Special Price £527.68 £439.73 Regular Price £542.14 £451.78
  4. Early Years Wooden Playground In and Out Role Play Playhouse

    Special Price £726.24 £605.20 Regular Price £746.14 £621.78
  5. Indoor/Outdoor Folding Den

    As low as £392.00 £326.67
  6. Rainbow Den Kit

    As low as £281.60 £234.67
  7. Wooden Outdoor Nursery Den

    As low as £1,642.19 £1,368.49
  8. Children's Nursery Play Pod and Canopy

    As low as £367.56 £306.30
  9. Play Pod with Bookcases Cushions and Canopy

    As low as £891.70 £743.08
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Items 1-12 of 148

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