Outdoor Playground

CostCuttersUK is known for providing a wide range of outdoor playground equipment suitable for public spaces such as parks, schools, community centres, and recreational areas. Their products are designed to promote physical activity, social interaction, and creative play for children of all ages. Here are some common types of playground equipment they may offer:

  1. Climbing Structures: Climbing equipment can include climbing walls, rope nets, and monkey bars. These structures encourage physical activity and help develop strength and coordination.
  2. Outdoor Playhouses: Playhouses and role-playing structures allow children to engage in imaginative and creative play scenarios.
  3. Outdoor Fitness Equipment: In addition to traditional play equipment, CostCuttersUK may offer outdoor fitness equipment suitable for older children, teenagers, and adults to encourage physical fitness and active lifestyles.
  4. Shelters and Benches: For public spaces, they may offer outdoor seating options like benches and shelters to provide comfort and shade for caregivers and spectators.

Please note that the specific products and designs may vary, and it's advisable to visit CostCuttersUK’s official website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information on their outdoor public spaces and playground equipment offerings. Additionally, ensure that any equipment you consider meets safety standards and guidelines for your specific location and audience.

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  1. Outdoor Plastic Climbing Frame Clubhouse Set

    As low as £1,509.95 £1,258.29
  2. Value Wooden Playground Chalk Panel

    As low as £340.21 £283.51
  3. Value Wooden Playground Whiteboard

    As low as £366.58 £305.48
  4. Value Wooden Playground Weaving Panel

    As low as £249.37 £207.81
  5. Value Sensory Playground Musical Chimes

    As low as £326.48 £272.07
  6. Value Playground Grass Up and Over Ramp

    As low as £661.46 £551.22
  7. Value Playground Crawl Tunnel

    As low as £758.68 £632.23
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