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Welcome guests with style. Upgrade your office look with CostCuttersUK's reception desks and counter units. Free design and planning services. CostCuttersUK offers a variety of office reception desks designed to create a welcoming and efficient first impression in professional settings. These receptions desks designed to create a welcoming and efficient first impression in professional settings. These reception desks are available in various styles, sizes, and configurations to suit different office aesthetics and functional requirements. Here are some of the different types of office reception desks that CostCuttersUK offer.

  1. Straight Reception Desks: Crafted with a modern touch, these reception desks feature clean lines, glass detailing, and metal embellishments. They infuse your reception area with a sleek, sophisticated, and current aesthetic.
  2. L-Shaped Reception Desks: L-shaped reception desks provide ample workspace for receptionists. They are versatile and can accommodate computers, telephones, and other office equipment.
  3. Curved Reception Desks: Curved reception desks are known for their inviting and friendly appearance. They often feature a rounded front and a spacious.

Reception desks play a crucial role in setting the tone for visitors' experiences in an office or buisness. They combine functionality with aesthetics, roviding receptionists with a well-organised workspace while making a positive first on clients, guests, and employees. CostCuttersUK's range of reception desks caters to various office styles and sizes, ensuring that buisnesses can find the perfect solution to meet their unique needs.

Reception desks can be found in various places and settings where there is a need for organised visitor management, information dissemination and administrative tasks. Some common places and establishments that typically have reception desks include:

  1. Corporate Offices: Reception desks in corporate offices serve as the first point of contract for visitors, clients, and employees. They faciliate check-ins, provide informaition, and handle administrative tasks.
  2. Hotels: Hotel reception desks, often located in the lobby area, handle guest check ins, reservations, inquiries and concierge services.
  3. Medical Facilities: In hospitals, clinics amd doctors' offices, reception desks manage patient check-ins, appointments and medical records.
  4. Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities have reception desks in admistrative buildings or main entrances. They assist students, parents, and visitors with inquiries, admissions and information.
  5. Goverment Buildings: Goverment offices, city halls, and administrative centres have reception areas to assist citizens with services like permits, licenses and documentation.
  6. Event Venues: Event venues, such as conference centres and convention halls often have reception desks to coordinate event registrations and attendee information.
  7. Retail Stores: Some high end retail stores feature reception desks where customers can inquire about products, services, or appointments with personal shoppers.
  8. Fitness Centres: Many fitness and wellness centres have reception areas where staff can check members in, provide information, and manage schedules.
  9. Salons and Spas: In upscale beauty salons and spas, reception desks manage appoitments, payments and client services.
  10. Airport and Transportation Hubs: Airports often have information and assistance desks to help travelers with flight information, directions, and services.


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  1. Basic Stand Alone Reception Desk Unit with Cable Management System

    As low as £366.70 £305.58
  2. Denver Medium Straight Complete Reception Unit

    As low as £510.30 £425.25
  3. Denver Medium Curved Complete Reception Unit

    As low as £758.94 £632.45
  4. Denver Reception Corner Top Unit

    As low as £174.77 £145.64
  5. Denver Extra Large U-shaped Complete Reception Unit

    As low as £1,423.15 £1,185.96
  6. High Curved Radial Modular Reception Counter

    As low as £522.85 £435.71
  7. Low Curved Radial Modular Reception Counter

    As low as £522.85 £435.71
  8. Denver Reception Corner Base Unit

    As low as £233.81 £194.84
  9. Denver Reception Straight Base Unit

    As low as £181.39 £151.16
  10. Welcome White Reception Desk

    As low as £389.32 £324.43
  11. Denver Extra Large Curved Complete Reception Unit

    As low as £1,793.87 £1,494.89
  12. Denver Reception Straight Top Unit

    As low as £114.25 £95.21
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