Cloakroom Storage Furniture

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Cloakroom Furniture

At Cost Cutters, we have an amazing range of welcoming cloakroom storage, our range provides both functionality and efficiency for users. The design and manufacturing of our cloakroom storage has ensured we have a versatile range that have high durability and come in a variety of different colours and customisable options fit to your requirements. For example, our Bubblegum Cloakroom Bench Bundle with Hanging Rail is a perfect pick for children to hang their jumpers and coats, with access to their own tray to keep their possessions secure. This product comes with over 4 different wood finishes, and over 9 metal and tray colours available to choose from. This is just one example from our Bubblegum cloakroom storage range, we offer many more, for example if you require top compartment storage with large bottom trays we have you covered, these trays are perfect for storing shoes, this product also has height adjustable options and comes with metal hanging rails for coats and also metal feet with slip plastic pads to prevent any danger from this product toppling over and ensuring your children's safety. A significant number of our cloakroom storage also come with name plates so children can avoid any confusion of where their possessions go and to provide much easier organisation.

At Cost Cutters UK we provide coat hook rails, wellie racks, mobile cloakroom trolleys, storage units, lockers and cloakroom benches and more so there is sure to be something to suit your needs for your learning environment. If you need more manoeuvrability with your cloakroom storage, Our mobile cloakroom trolleys are perfect for break and lunchtime, children can easily store or access their jackets and jumpers depending on the weather, and when breaktime or lunch is over, their possessions can easily be wheeled back to the indoor cloakroom and transferred to your cloakroom storage. We also have storage units that are multi-functional, perfect for children’s costumes and dressing up, equipped with a full-length mirror so children can see what they look like in their pretend play outfits alongside a number of shelves and colourful hooks so the outfits can be stored.

These are just a few examples of the amazing range of cloakroom storage which we have on offer at Cost Cutters UK, get in touch with one of the friendly sales team members today, we would be delighted to assist you with anything you need, why not book your professional installation today.

Our range of welcoming cloakroom furniture has been specifically selected to provide functional and efficient cloakroom storage. We understand the importance of creating an inviting setting for children and parents alike so, within our range of freestanding and wall mounted options, there is sure to be something to suit the style of your learning environment.

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  1. Tuf2™ Classroom Cloakroom Trolley

    As low as £513.16 £427.63
  2. School Coat Hook Rail with 8 Hooks

    As low as £96.96 £80.80
  3. Kubbyclass Single Sided Cloakroom Bench

    As low as £370.02 £308.35
  4. Cloakroom Bag Wooden Storage Unit 16 Compartments

    As low as £444.00 £370.00
  5. Wooden Cloakroom Bag Storage Unit 8 Compartments

    As low as £348.00 £290.00
  6. Freestanding Mobile Cloakroom Trolley

    As low as £471.31 £392.76
  7. Tuf™ Classroom Cloakroom Trolley

    As low as £364.38 £303.65
  8. School Coat Hook Rail with 20 Hooks

    As low as £140.15 £116.79
  9. Kubbyclass Double Sided Cloakroom Bench

    As low as £505.94 £421.62
  10. Millhouse Cloakroom Furniture Set

    As low as £498.95 £415.79
  11. Monarch Cloakroom Bench with 16 Open Compartments-Beech

    As low as £252.00 £210.00
  12. School Coat Hook Rail with 16 Hooks

    As low as £112.60 £93.83
  13. Mobile Cloakroom Storage Trolley

    Special Price £92.57 £77.14 Regular Price £99.95 £83.29
  14. Callero Mobile Double Sided Cloakroom Trolley with Wire Basket Shoe Storage

    As low as £722.93 £602.44
  15. Early Years Nursery Mobile Cloakroom Storage

    Special Price £326.30 £271.92 Regular Price £339.90 £283.25
  16. School Coat Hooks - Pack of 10

    As low as £38.29 £31.91
  17. Classroom Wellington Boot Storage Rack

    As low as £403.50 £336.25
  18. Fusion Costume and Coat Storage Unit

    As low as £360.20 £300.17
  19. Cloakroom Bench with 8 Open Compartments

    As low as £200.17 £166.81
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Items 1-30 of 57

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