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Elevate your office aesthetic and guest experience with premium waiting room furniture. Explore our diverse selection of stylish and comfortable seating options, tables, and decor to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere in your office space. Browse now for the perfect blend of form and function.

Waiting room seating comes in various forms, each designed to cater specific needs and preferences. Here's an overview of different types of waiitng room seating:

  1. Beam Seating:
    • Beam seating consists of multiple seats attached to a shared beam or frame. It's a popular choice for high-traffic waiting areas like airports and hospitals.
    • Advantages: Efficient use of space, easy maintenance, and durability. It can accommodate multiple individuals simultaneously.
  1. Chairs:
    • Individual chairs are the most common type of waiting room seating. They come in various styles, including armchairs, side chairs, and ergonomic options.
    • Advantages: Flexibility in layout and design, wide variety of styles and materials, and easy to match with existing decor.
  1. Sofas:
    • Sofas are larger seating options that can accommodate multiple people at once. They are often more comfortable and inviting.
    • Advantages: Comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and can enhance the overall atmosphere of a waiting room.
  1. Modular Seating:
    • Modular seating consists of individual seating units that can be arranged in various configurations. This allows for flexibility in design and seating arrangements.
    • Advantages: Versatility, adaptability to changing needs, and the ability to create unique layouts.
  1. Chair Sets:
    • Chair sets typically include a combination of chairs and side tables. They are designed to provide a complete seating solution in one package.
    • Advantages: Convenience, cohesive design, and often cost-effective when purchased as a set.
    • Considerations: Limited customization compared to individual pieces, and the set may not suit all design preferences.

When selecting waiting room seating, consider factors such as the available space, the expected foot traffic, the desired comfort level, and the overall aesthetics of the room. Combining different types of seating, such as beam seating for high-traffic areas and sofas or chairs for smaller, more comfortable zones, can create a balanced and inviting waiting room environment.

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  1. Taurus Plastic Waiting Room Beam Seating

    As low as £219.17 £182.64
  2. Celestra Soft Seating Reception and Waiting Room Sofa

    As low as £270.73 £225.61
  3. Taurus Stackable Waiting Room Chair with No Arms

    Special Price £39.00 £32.50 Regular Price £81.00 £67.50
  4. Taurus Stackable Waiting Room Chair- Fixed Arms

    Special Price £60.00 £50.00 Regular Price £102.00 £85.00
  5. Prague Wooden and Fabric Seat Waiting Room Chair

    Special Price £90.00 £75.00 Regular Price £132.00 £110.00
  6. Upholstered Waiting Room Beam Seating

    As low as £376.25 £313.54
  7. Taurus Plastic Stackable Waiting Room Chair with Black Frame

    Special Price £39.00 £32.50 Regular Price £81.00 £67.50
  8. Aspect Office Reception Soft Seat Armchair

    As low as £729.62 £608.02
  9. Origin Flux Wooden Leg Chair

  10. Alpha High Back Reception Chair with Black Metal Frame

    Special Price £262.50 £218.75 Regular Price £304.50 £253.75
  11. Santana 2-4 Seater Perforated Waiting Room Beam Seating

    As low as £269.11 £224.26
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