Early Years Outdoor Resources

Early Years Outdoors

Early Years outdoor resources are a fantastic way to get your nursery students learning, interacting and developing social skills outside. Cost Cutters UK have a fantastic range of early years outdoor furniture from outdoor climbing frames and play dens, to infant outdoor seating, we have everything you need to create a safe, creative and playful outdoor learning experience for your infants to help with their learning development.


Cost Cutters UK only work with the most reputable and trusted brands for early years outdoor furniture, meaning all our products are 100% quality assured and has safety of infants in mind as a priority.


We provide free spatial design planning and professional installation as standard with all our Nursery outdoor furniture, making an outdoor play purchase with us as painless and smooth as possible, so you can focus on the things that do matter.


If you wanted some ideas around your new outdoor play facility for your early years and infants then please feel free to phone us with your enquiry and where necessary we will even come out and provide you with a free onsite consultation to help bring your ideas to life.

Resources for Early Years Outdoor

Early years outdoor resources are an integral part of nursery students learning, interaction and social skill development. At Cost Cutters UK, we have a wide range of resources to create an exciting, safe and educational space for your students.


Our range of early years outdoor resources includes benches and seating, dens, climbing and play equipment, bikes, trikes, gardening, role play and nature equipment. We are proud to stock a wide range of play equipment and resources to suit any educational environment and budget. Cost Cutters UK has everything to design a fun, educational outdoor space at your school or nursery. From sand and water play areas and equipment to outdoor kitchen sets and sensory equipment, we are sure to have everything to kit your school out with entertaining and educational equipment.


We also have a wide variety of practical early years outdoor resources such as handwashing stations and waterproofs, sheds, storage, boards and signage. Our outdoor resources and equipment are all designed with children in mind, all of our resources are designed to be safe, durable and practical to keep your students safe and happy while enjoying important time outdoors.


At Cost Cutters UK we are proud to provide a seamless experience from start to finish including a free onsite consultation and planning service to help bring your ideas to life and optimise your space. We can also provide professional installation, ideal for our larger sized outdoor furniture. If you have any questions or need any advice about our products and services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our experts will be happy to advise you on the early years outdoor resources to suit you and your nursery or school.

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  1. Wooden Mini Deep Tuff Spot Stand With Tray

    Special Price £86.98 £72.48 Regular Price £90.60 £75.50
  2. Early Years Mini Rope Climbing Crests

    Special Price £427.52 £356.27 Regular Price £445.33 £371.11
  3. Early Years Tuff Spot Super Store 3 Heights

    Special Price £491.52 £409.60 Regular Price £512.00 £426.67
  4. Early Years Landscape Deep Spot Trays Trio 3 Pack

    Special Price £237.92 £198.27 Regular Price £247.84 £206.53
  5. Millhouse Outdoor Builders Yard

    As low as £934.40 £778.67
  6. Millhouse Mini Wooden Green House

    As low as £446.40 £372.00
  7. Millhouse Outdoor Under 2s Crawl Tunnel

    As low as £726.40 £605.33
  8. Millhouse Outdoor Reading Nook

    As low as £894.40 £745.33
  9. Value Wooden Playground Whiteboard

    As low as £366.58 £305.48
  10. Value Wooden Playground Painting Panel

    As low as £527.29 £439.41
  11. Value Playground Grass Up and Over Ramp

    As low as £661.46 £551.22
  12. Value Wooden Mobile Storage Cart

    As low as £353.77 £294.81
  13. Value Wooden Playground Storage Unit

    As low as £768.84 £640.70
  14. Value Wooden Playground Dig Pit

    As low as £261.92 £218.27
  15. Outdoor Wooden Balance Scales

    As low as £114.32 £95.27
  16. Outdoor Wooden Minibeast Bugsville Hive

    Special Price £202.79 £168.99 Regular Price £211.24 £176.03
  17. Big and Bountiful Activity Sports and Gardening Shed

    Special Price £776.06 £646.72 Regular Price £808.40 £673.67
  18. Mobile Wooden Tilt Tote Storage Trolley

    As low as £544.74 £453.95
  19. Early Years Wooden Obstacle Course Starter Pack - Pack of 23

    Special Price £305.90 £254.92 Regular Price £318.65 £265.54
  20. Early Years Outdoor Triple Pod Set (3 Pack)

    Special Price £893.44 £744.53 Regular Price £930.67 £775.56
  21. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Open Playhouse

    Special Price £816.77 £680.64 Regular Price £850.80 £709.00
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Items 1-30 of 874

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Nursery Outdoor Furniture

We know that picking the right Early Years Outdoor Furniture is a big commitment so we do everything we can to ensure that your outdoor furniture selection is the right one, by offering to scale 3D spatial design planning and professional installation as standard.

Getting your infants learning and interacting with outdoor play when it is weather permitting is a great way to help early years to learn and develop.

We have a vast range of early years outdoor resources for you to browse and select and we also provide an online price match guarantee meaning if you find the same product for cheaper online we will either match or beat the price making us the best option for you, online.

Our early years furniture includes infant outdoor wooden benches, children’s outdoor wooden play den, balance bikes and scooters and many more stunning outdoor nursery furniture and resources for outdoor play.


Why Us for Early Years Outdoor Resources?

Cost Cutters UK have over 20-years industry experience in the educational furniture sector and provide free spatial design and professional installation as standard with an online price match guarantee, making us a perfect option to use.


Do you provide delivery on products?

Yes, we provide fast shipping and delivery on all our products, with all our products having fast delivery.