Outdoor Easels, Chalkboards and Whiteboards

Outdoor Easels

Outdoor easels, chalkboards, and whiteboards are versatile educational tools designed to extend the learning experience beyond the traditional classroom walls. These outdoor-friendly boards offer a unique platform for teachers, students, artists, and presenters to engage with content, unleash their creativity, and embrace the beauty of the open air. Here's a closer look at these essential tools for outdoor learning and expression:

  1. Outdoor Easels: Outdoor easels are sturdy, portable stands that provide a stable canvas for artists, budding painters, and educators alike. These easels are typically made from weather-resistant materials like metal or treated wood to withstand the elements. They often feature adjustable heights and angles, accommodating various artistic and teaching preferences. Outdoor easels encourage artistic expression, making them perfect for plein-air painting sessions, nature-based lessons, or outdoor art exhibitions.
  2. Chalkboards for Outdoor Learning: Outdoor chalkboards offer a dynamic way to bring the traditional chalk-and-board teaching method into the fresh air. These boards are designed with weather-resistant surfaces, ensuring they can endure rain, wind, and sun exposure without deteriorating. Teachers can use outdoor chalkboards for interactive lessons, math problems, or creative brainstorming sessions. They serve as excellent tools for promoting active learning in an outdoor setting.
  3. Outdoor Whiteboards: Outdoor whiteboards are modern and versatile tools that facilitate collaborative learning and presentations in an alfresco environment. They are constructed with durable, UV-resistant materials to ensure longevity and readability under various weather conditions. Outdoor whiteboards are excellent for outdoor classrooms, business meetings, or group activities, allowing participants to jot down ideas, solve problems, and share information effectively.

Benefits of Outdoor Boards:

  • Fresh Air Learning: Outdoor easels, chalkboards, and whiteboards provide an opportunity for learners to experience the benefits of fresh air and a natural environment while engaging in educational activities.
  • Creativity Unleashed: These outdoor boards encourage creativity and imagination, allowing artists and learners to draw, write, and express themselves freely in an open and inspiring setting.
  • Interactive Education: Teachers can create interactive lessons that incorporate hands-on learning and real-world exploration, making the learning experience more engaging and memorable.
  • Flexible Applications: Whether for educational purposes, artistic endeavours, or business presentations, outdoor boards offer flexibility in their applications, making them valuable tools for a wide range of users.

In summary, outdoor easels, chalkboards, and whiteboards are essential tools that bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor learning environments. They foster creativity, enhance educational experiences, and provide a unique platform for expression, making them indispensable additions to outdoor classrooms, art studios, and collaborative spaces.

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  1. Children's Double Hanging Fence Easel

    As low as £184.97 £154.14
  2. Early Years Four Sided Easel Set With 4 Dry Wipe Boards

    Special Price £312.19 £260.16 Regular Price £316.99 £264.16
  3. Toy Shaped Chalkboards - Set of 4

    As low as £81.76 £68.13
  4. Outdoor Wooden Copycat Activity Panel

    As low as £478.79 £398.99
  5. Leave Me Outdoors Children's Art Easel

    As low as £324.05 £270.04
  6. Early Years Outdoor Educational Chalkboards - Set of 5

    Special Price £181.33 £151.11 Regular Price £186.13 £155.11
  7. Cosy Outdoor Wooden Chalkboard Table and Bench Set

    Special Price £337.91 £281.59 Regular Price £351.98 £293.32
  8. Cosy Chalkboard Write on Outdoor Wooden Picnic Table

    Special Price £222.52 £185.43 Regular Price £231.78 £193.15
  9. KS1 Outdoor Wooden Nesting Crate Chalk Table

    Special Price £222.34 £185.28 Regular Price £231.60 £193.00
  10. Wooden Outdoor Chalk Table with Lift Lid and Benches

    Special Price £408.00 £340.00 Regular Price £425.00 £354.17
  11. Outdoor Wooden Texture Kitchen Shedlet with Chalkboard Door

    Special Price £277.44 £231.20 Regular Price £289.00 £240.83
  12. Wooden Outdoor Blackboard Storage Shed

    Special Price £609.40 £507.83 Regular Price £634.79 £528.99
  13. Early Years Freestanding Wooden Outdoor Messy Play Perspex Painter Easel

    Special Price £197.04 £164.20 Regular Price £205.25 £171.04
  14. Early Years Outdoor Mobile Art Easel Trio Set

    Special Price £624.64 £520.53 Regular Price £650.66 £542.22
  15. Outdoor Early Years Perspex Easel

    As low as £434.36 £361.97
  16. Outdoor Wall Mounted 3M Blackboard Set - 3 Pack

    Special Price £259.82 £216.52 Regular Price £270.65 £225.54
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