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Explore our wide selection of early years dressing up storage solutions at CostCuttersUK. Our range of high-quality storage options is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of nursery and early years settings. With our focus on functionality and organization, you can create an engaging and imaginative dressing up corner that inspires endless play and learning opportunities.

From fast folding storage units to versatile mobile dress-up trolleys, our products are carefully crafted to ensure seamless setup and mobility. Easily transform any corner of your classroom into a dynamic dress-up station, allowing children to immerse themselves in creative role-play activities.

At CostCuttersUK, we prioritize safety and durability. Our dressing up storage solutions are made from premium materials, ensuring they can withstand the energetic play of young children while providing a secure and accessible place for their costumes and accessories.

Give your early learners the gift of imaginative play and foster their social and emotional development with our practical yet stylish dressing up storage options. Browse through our collection today and create a vibrant and organized dressing up area that ignites young minds' creativity and joy. Trust CostCuttersUK for all your early years storage needs!

From mobile dressing up trolley’s such as our Mobile dressing up trolley, Early Years Galaxy Dressing Up Trolley and early years mobile metal frame dressing up trolley, to dressing up furniture bundle deals such as: Millhouse early years dressing up furniture play zone, Millhouse early years mini dressing up bundle zone and Indoor wooden classroom dressing up play zone. Want to see the full range? Click here

Enhance your nursery's play area with furniture that supports learning through imaginative play. Browse our selection of nursery dressing up storage units and transform your space into a hub of creativity and exploration. Discover the perfect storage solutions that empower young minds to discover, learn, and grow.

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  1. Early Years Galaxy Dressing Up Trolley

    Special Price £116.57 £97.14 Regular Price £196.32 £163.60
  2. Mobile Cloakroom Storage Trolley

    Special Price £92.57 £77.14 Regular Price £99.95 £83.29
  3. Mobile Dressing Up Trolley

    As low as £532.10 £443.42
  4. Tall Costume Storage Unit

    As low as £282.30 £235.25
  5. Fusion Costume and Coat Storage Unit

    As low as £360.20 £300.17
  6. Indoor Wooden Classroom Dressing Up Play Zone

    As low as £2,583.16 £2,152.63
  7. Toddler Costume Dressing Up Trolley

    As low as £278.56 £232.13
  8. Basic Dressing up Trolley

    As low as £174.47 £145.39
  9. Outdoor Wooden Imagination Shedlet with Chalkboard Door

    Special Price £282.88 £235.73 Regular Price £297.84 £248.20
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