Early years outdoor planters serve as powerful educational tools, fostering a love for nature and nurturing young minds from the very beginning. From outdoor wooden box planters to wooden outdoor planter seats, we have it all here at CostCuttersUK. These carefully designed planters are not just vessels for plants; they are windows to a world of exploration and discovery for children in their formative years.

Hands-On Learning: Early years outdoor planters provide a hands-on learning experience for children, allowing them to plant seeds, watch them grow, and understand the basic principles of plant life cycles. This tactile engagement with nature sparks curiosity and instils a sense of wonder.

Environmental Awareness: Introducing children to outdoor planters at an early age cultivates environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility toward the natural world. As they care for their plants, youngsters develop a deeper understanding of the importance of greenery and sustainability.

Sensory Development: Gardening in these planters engages all the senses. Children can touch the soil, smell the flowers, observe the colours, and even taste the fruits or vegetables they've grown. This sensory-rich experience enhances cognitive and motor skills development.

Curriculum Integration: Early years outdoor planters seamlessly integrate into educational curricula, supporting topics such as science, math, and environmental studies. Teachers can use planters to illustrate concepts like growth, measurement, and ecosystems.

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  1. Millhouse Wooden See-Through Planter

    As low as £393.60 £328.00
  2. Early Years Outdoor Watch Me Grow Planter

    Special Price £264.29 £220.24 Regular Price £269.09 £224.24
  3. Outdoor Wooden Simple Moveable Rectangular Planters - Pack of 2

    Special Price £212.40 £177.00 Regular Price £221.26 £184.38
  4. Wooden Outdoor Switch Seat Angled Planter Seats - 10 Person

    Special Price £427.52 £356.27 Regular Price £445.33 £371.11
  5. Early Years Outdoor Complete Gardening Kit

    Special Price £364.48 £303.73 Regular Price £379.67 £316.39
  6. Wooden Rectangular Simple Corner Planters - Set of 3

    Special Price £249.54 £207.95 Regular Price £259.93 £216.61
  7. Outdoor Recycled Plastic Playground Train Planter Carriage

    As low as £509.18 £424.32
  8. Diplomat Recycled Plastic Planter

    As low as £392.44 £327.03
  9. Hexagonal Recycled Plastic Commercial Planter

    As low as £509.18 £424.32
  10. Early Years Little Garden Corner Fence Outdoor Planter

    Special Price £419.60 £349.67 Regular Price £424.40 £353.67
  11. Early Years Little Garden Double Fence Outdoor Planter

    Special Price £352.10 £293.42 Regular Price £356.90 £297.42
  12. 13 Slat Wooden Garden Planters

    As low as £185.84 £154.87
  13. 5 Slat Wooden Garden Planters

    As low as £152.05 £126.71
  14. Outdoor Wooden Bench Planter

    As low as £809.99 £674.99
  15. Classroom Science Habitat Centre

    As low as £417.24 £347.70
  16. Litton Coloured Recycled Plastic Planter

    As low as £369.71 £308.09
  17. Ipstone Recycled Plastic Garden Planter

    As low as £285.16 £237.63
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Items 1-30 of 37

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