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For young children, the environment in which they spend their early learning years is of vital importance, especially when it comes to their positive engagement with their curriculum and with other children. Here at Cost Cutters UK, our early years furniture range of products are constructed from high-quality, durable materials that are built to withstand a busy early years’ environment.

In addition to being durable, we also offer excellent visual quality with our range of early years’ furniture, with a wonderful array colour and style options to help you find the ideal fit for your home or educational setting. We put a lot of thought into the items we supply, knowing that they can help to engage and connect children with their educational environment.

So transform learning environments with Costcutters UK's Early Years Furniture collection. Elevate educational spaces with thoughtfully designed, durable furniture tailored for young learners. Explore a range of vibrant, safe, and ergonomically crafted pieces, fostering a conducive atmosphere for creativity and development. From colorful seating to interactive storage solutions, Costcutters UK offers a comprehensive selection to enhance early years education. Invest in quality, functionality, and a nurturing environment with our Early Years Furniture collection.

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Items 121-150 of 3483

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  1. Cosy Complete Mud Pie Kit (65+Items)

    Special Price £427.52 £356.27 Regular Price £445.33 £371.11
  2. Pack Of Two Woven Wigwams

    Special Price £663.04 £552.53 Regular Price £690.67 £575.56
  3. Early Years Indoor Rafiki Set (2Pk)

    Special Price £483.84 £403.20 Regular Price £504.00 £420.00
  4. Cosy Woven Pod-Family Trio (3Pk)

    Special Price £990.72 £825.60 Regular Price £1,032.00 £860.00
  5. Early Years Tyre Stands And Wooden Dividers (Set of 4)

    Special Price £222.71 £185.59 Regular Price £231.98 £193.32
  6. Early Years Outdoor Wooden Climbing Clamber Hill Perch

    Special Price £352.80 £294.00 Regular Price £367.50 £306.25
  7. Early Years Outdoor Wooden Book Boxes Accessory Kit

    Special Price £339.12 £282.60 Regular Price £353.26 £294.38
  8. Early Years Upcycled Cascading Water Play Drums

    Special Price £264.95 £220.79 Regular Price £275.99 £229.99
  9. Wooden Storage Shire Shelf Unit

    Special Price £193.60 £161.33 Regular Price £201.67 £168.06
  10. Wooden Outdoor Rustic-Style Fencing - Pack of 4

    Special Price £291.83 £243.19 Regular Price £303.98 £253.32
  11. Wooden Outdoor Climb, Crawl And Launch Platform

    Special Price £279.04 £232.53 Regular Price £290.66 £242.22
  12. Early Years Outdoor Play Tyre Walking Planks - Pack of 6

    Special Price £88.24 £73.53 Regular Price £91.92 £76.60
  13. Early Years Space Saving Medium Sized Wicker Arch - Pack of 2

    Special Price £490.56 £408.80 Regular Price £511.00 £425.83
  14. Early Years Sensory Outdoor Wooden Waterwall - Set of 3

    Special Price £304.64 £253.87 Regular Price £317.33 £264.44
  15. Wooden Storage Tuff Tray Self Select Stand - Medium

    Special Price £193.21 £161.01 Regular Price £201.26 £167.72
  16. Early Years Sensory Tinkering And Investigator Station

    Special Price £279.04 £232.53 Regular Price £290.66 £242.22
  17. Early Years Outdoor Wooden Rope Climbing Crest

    Special Price £556.28 £463.57 Regular Price £579.47 £482.89
  18. Outdoor Wooden Simple Moveable Rectangular Planters - Pack of 2

    Special Price £212.40 £177.00 Regular Price £221.26 £184.38
  19. Tidy Up Wooden Healdswood Storage Mini Skip

    Special Price £323.68 £269.73 Regular Price £337.16 £280.97
  20. Mini Outdoor Hollow Columbia Building Blocks - Pack of 26

    Special Price £217.26 £181.05 Regular Price £226.32 £188.60
  21. Outdoor Large Area Divider Panels Set Of 2 with 4 Feet

    Special Price £216.30 £180.25 Regular Price £225.31 £187.76
  22. Outdoor Forest School Wooden Seat Around Set - Set of 4- Square

    Special Price £277.74 £231.45 Regular Price £289.32 £241.10
  23. Wooden Outdoor Active Play Highway Builders Yard

    Special Price £632.32 £526.93 Regular Price £658.67 £548.89
  24. Early Years Wooden Pick And Mix Active Play Potion Bench

    Special Price £159.94 £133.28 Regular Price £166.60 £138.83
  25. Early Years Wooden Storage Tuff Spot Stand

    Special Price £241.86 £201.55 Regular Price £251.93 £209.94
  26. Wooden Dividing Self Standing Picket Fence - Set of 4

    Special Price £291.83 £243.19 Regular Price £303.98 £253.32
  27. Early Years Wooden Recycled Junk Music Walls - Set of 3

    Special Price £295.68 £246.40 Regular Price £308.00 £256.67
  28. Outdoor Wooden Minibeast Bugsville Hive

    Special Price £202.79 £168.99 Regular Price £211.24 £176.03
  29. Wooden Outdoor Playground Room Dividers - Set of 4

    Special Price £657.92 £548.27 Regular Price £685.33 £571.11
  30. Wooden Outdoor Storage Shoe Bench - Set of 2

    Special Price £115.12 £95.93 Regular Price £119.92 £99.93
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Items 121-150 of 3483

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We are dedicated early years furniture suppliers with over 15 years industry experience supplying nursery apparatus and EYFS furniture to nurseries and primary schools across the UK.


Our extensive range covers everything from  classroom furniture, to active playearly years suppliesearly years outdoor furniture and everything in-between! We are one of the UK’s most trusted educational furniture suppliers for primary, nursery and infants.


Ensuring young children have every opportunity to maximise learning and enjoyment from nursery has been a passion of ours for over 20-years. Our Early Years furniture range for school and nursery accommodates for all nursery learning environments to ensure your youngest pupils have a safe, colourful, comfortable learning environment. Our Nursery Furniture range includes comfortable sag bean bags, height adjustable classroom tables, educational play mats, nap time mats, outdoor play areas, toddler classroom chairs and much more!


At Cost Cutters UK we pride ourselves on only working with highest quality and most reputable Nursery School Furniture suppliers in the UK. We’ve been trusted by 100’s of infant school and nurseries to deliver quality early years apparatus and furniture for two decades, meaning you can trust our products and services with an unshakable confidence.


Our early years furniture range covers nursery supplies, outdoor furnituresensory playnursery furnitureindoor playhouses and much more!


Why Cost Cutters UK?

Our nursery school furniture and apparatus are all 100 percent quality assured. Our early years furniture comes with free spatial planning and design, professional installation as standard and our furniture has fast delivery!


Do you provide discounts?

Yes, we provide bulk buy discounts and we also offer an online price match guarantee, meaning if you can find the same product for cheaper online, then we’ll either match or beat that price for you.


What Early Years Furniture do you provide?

We provide early years classroom furniture, nursery play equipment, infants classroom storage and many more fantastic products.