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The early year's furniture section here at CostCuttersUK shows a comprehensive range of products that are tailored to all early childhood needs and environments. Our wide collection includes versatile and durable furniture designed to enhance learning and play in early years settings such as nurseries and preschools.

Our product range includes nursery furniture, nursery supplies, active play, sensory and outdoor. You will find a variety of suitable-sized EYFS furniture such as chairs and tables, role-play furniture and sensory equipment, all crafted to help support development, classroom activities and group learning. Additionally, there are creative play resources like sand and water play stations, as well as outdoor play structures and learning to really enrich the outdoor learning experiences in your nursery.

Role play and sensory furniture are key highlights, helping promote imaginative play and sensory development. Items like play kitchens, dress-up units, and sensory tables are perfect for the encouragement of the creation and interactive learning in early years settings.

Our commitment is to ensure that all supplier's products meet the nursery setting furniture needs safety standards, providing a secure environment for young learners. This furniture not only supports the educational framework of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) but also helps in creating a stimulating and nurturing space for young children’s development.


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  1. Wolds Sink

    As low as £150.79 £125.66
  2. Early Years Forest Ranger Waterproof Jacket

    As low as £29.61 £29.61
  3. Postura Plus One Piece Plastic School Chair

    Special Price £22.20 £18.50 Regular Price £27.61 £23.01
  4. Hille Low Height Teachers Chair

    As low as £32.21 £26.84
  5. Early Years Forest Ranger Waterproof Dungarees

    As low as £24.67 £24.67
  6. Early Years Gonge Trampoline with High Foam Cushion

    Special Price £487.38 £406.15 Regular Price £492.18 £410.15
  7. Early Years Forest Leader Insulated Waterproof Jacket

    As low as £39.47 £39.47
  8. Titan One Piece Stackable Plastic School Chair

    As low as £23.53 £19.61
  9. Probe Full Height Standard Metal Locker 1-6 Door

    As low as £116.80 £97.33
  10. Gopak Enviro Daisy Classroom Table

    As low as £268.97 £224.14
  11. Metalliform Start Right Height Adjustable Classroom Table - Circular

    As low as £438.17 £365.14
  12. Tuf-Top Height Adjustable Arc Classroom Table

    As low as £259.33 £216.11
  13. Soft Play Sand

    As low as £6.17 £5.14
  14. Early Years Forest Ranger Waterproof Splash Suit

    As low as £34.54 £34.54
  15. Nursery Room Divider Play Panel -Lion

    As low as £331.51 £276.26
  16. Metalliform Rainbow Horseshoe Height Adjustable Classroom Table

    As low as £627.08 £522.57
  17. Early Years Forest Leader Waterproof Splash Suit

    As low as £44.41 £44.41
  18. Gopak Round Folding Easy Store Table

    As low as £333.48 £277.90
  19. Metalliform Premium Coloured Rectangular Chunky Classroom Table

    As low as £140.51 £117.09
  20. Supertuff Outdoor Locker Weatherproof Plastic

    As low as £84.40 £70.33
  21. Children's Forest Leader Lined Wellies

    As low as £34.49 £34.49
  22. Gopak Enviro Keyhole Classroom Table

    As low as £356.70 £297.25
  23. Gopak Folding Children's Tub Table

    As low as £181.90 £151.58
  24. Hille E Series Classroom Chair

    As low as £22.34 £18.62
  25. Colne Multicoloured Rainbow Playground and Park Bench

    As low as £755.03 £629.19
  26. Outdoor Perforated Metal Street Furniture Bench with Tubular Frame

    As low as £539.83 £449.86
  27. Chunky Rectangle Classroom Table

    As low as £140.51 £117.09
  28. Flame Retardant PVC Teacher Apron

    As low as £29.56 £24.63
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We are dedicated early years furniture suppliers with over 15 years industry experience supplying nursery apparatus and EYFS furniture to nurseries and primary schools across the UK.


Our extensive range covers everything from  classroom furniture, to active playearly years suppliesearly years outdoor furniture and everything in-between! We are one of the UK’s most trusted educational furniture suppliers for primary, nursery and infants.


Ensuring young children have every opportunity to maximise learning and enjoyment from nursery has been a passion of ours for over 20-years. Our Early Years furniture range for school and nursery accommodates for all nursery learning environments to ensure your youngest pupils have a safe, colourful, comfortable learning environment. Our Nursery Furniture range includes comfortable sag bean bags, height adjustable classroom tables, educational play mats, nap time mats, outdoor play areas, toddler classroom chairs and much more!


At Cost Cutters UK we pride ourselves on only working with highest quality and most reputable Nursery School Furniture suppliers in the UK. We’ve been trusted by 100’s of infant school and nurseries to deliver quality early years apparatus and furniture for two decades, meaning you can trust our products and services with an unshakable confidence.


Our early years furniture range covers nursery supplies, outdoor furnituresensory playnursery furnitureindoor playhouses and much more!


Why Cost Cutters UK?

Our nursery school furniture and apparatus are all 100 percent quality assured. Our early years furniture comes with free spatial planning and design, professional installation as standard and our furniture has fast delivery!


Do you provide discounts?

Yes, we provide bulk buy discounts and we also offer an online price match guarantee, meaning if you can find the same product for cheaper online, then we’ll either match or beat that price for you.


What Early Years Furniture do you provide?

We provide early years classroom furniture, nursery play equipment, infants classroom storage and many more fantastic products.