Newline ELARA 4K Interactive Touch Screen for Education

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Newline ELARA 4K Interactive Touch Screen for Education

Discover the Epitome of Power and Versatility with Elara

Elara: The Ultimate Workspace Powerhouse

Are you ready to experience the most powerful all-rounder in the Interactive Touch Screen world? Meet Elara, the high-end solution designed to transform your workspace into an innovative, efficient, and safe environment. As the formidable sibling of Lyra, Elara takes center stage with a host of outstanding features:

Key Features:

  • Optically Bonded: Built in Camera and Microphone
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Enjoy seamless connectivity with Enhanced WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Powerful USB-C: A 100W Powered USB Type-C port ensures easy and versatile connections.
  • Secure Multiuser Profiles: Safeguard your workspace with personalized profiles.
  • SDM-S Ready: Elara is prepared for SDM-S compatibility.
  • Various Sizes: Choose the perfect fit for your space with sizes available in 65", 75", and 86".

The Ultimate Hybrid Solution:

  • Faster Performance: Say goodbye to lag and delays. Elara brings lightning-fast performance to your fingertips.
  • Enhanced Sound: Immerse yourself in high-quality sound, complete with a subwoofer, for an audio experience like no other.
  • Superior Touch & Writing: Optical bonding technology provides a superior touch and writing experience, making interaction seamless and responsive.
  • Modular Camera: Enjoy the flexibility of a modular camera, ensuring you're always ready for that important video call.
  • Built-In Microphone: Speak and be heard clearly with the built-in microphone, enhancing your communication experience.
  • Extra-Wide Viewing Angle: Elara's expansive viewing angle ensures that every corner of your room benefits from a crystal-clear 4K image and vibrant colors. No more struggling to see the screen.

Safety Meets Innovation:

  • Antimicrobial Coating: Your well-being is paramount. Elara features an antimicrobial coating that keeps you safe by inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms.
  • Embedded Blue Light Filter: Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light with an embedded filter that regulates the source of the issue, the LED backlight.
  • Ready-to-Use Hybrid Solution: Elara is designed to streamline your workspace. It's ready to use, featuring ergonomically positioned menu keys for convenience and efficiency.
  • Personal User Profiles: Customize your experience and save your favorite settings with personal user profiles.
  • Broad Compatibility: Elara effortlessly integrates with a wide range of hardware and software, making it a versatile and easy-to-connect solution.

Android 11: The Secure Choice

  • Safer, Better, and Faster: Android 11 places security at the forefront, with enhanced privacy features and data protection against malicious apps and games. It's the most secure Android version to date and can even be disabled through Android Safe Mode.
  • Antimicrobial Glass: Your safety is further enhanced with antimicrobial glass, ensuring a safer and cleaner workspace.

Revolutionary Interactive Ecosystem: The Interactive Ecosystem is your gateway to maximizing your Interactive Touch Screen. It's packed with software to support various activities, including fast video conferencing, concept mapping, device connections, screen sharing, and broadcasting. You'll have access to tools such as Whiteboard, Cast, Broadcast, Engage, Reactiv Site, App Store, Classroom Tools, and Display Management.

User Profile Settings: Customize your workspace effortlessly. User profile settings allow you to save your preferences, eliminating the hassle of switching between devices and customizing settings for each session. Perfect for today's flexible workspaces.

Eco-Friendly and User-Friendly: Equipped with a Proximity Sensor, Elara ensures an eco-friendly workspace by automatically powering on/off based on human presence in the room.

Optical Bonding for Supreme Clarity: Elara's certified optical bonding ensures the widest viewing angle possible, eliminating glare, enhancing color vibrancy, and providing a world-class touch and writing experience.

Plug and Play Simplicity: Streamline your setup with a fast and easy USB-C connection. Plug and play with one cable that handles data, audio, video, and power. Connect and disconnect with ease, or switch between devices without hassle. Say goodbye to delays and troubleshooting.

Elara is more than just an Interactive Touch Screen; it's a comprehensive, powerful, and secure solution that will elevate your workspace to new heights. Explore the pinnacle of technology and innovation with Elara, the ultimate choice for a workspace that's safe, efficient, and cutting-edge.

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