Children's Primary School Library Sofas


Transform your primary school library into a cosy and inviting space with CostCuttersUK's premium collection of library sofas. Elevate the reading and study experience for students with our comfortable and durable seating solutions. Explore our range of high-quality sofas designed to withstand the demands of a school environment while providing ergonomic support. Choose from a variety of styles and colours to complement your library's aesthetic. With CostCuttersUK, create an inspiring and conducive atmosphere for learning. Browse our selection of high school library sofas and enhance the educational environment today.

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  1. Children's Classroom Cosy Corner Cube Foam Sofa

    As low as £189.73 £158.11
  2. Horizon Children's Seating Set

    As low as £574.56 £478.80
  3. Quilted Children's Tub Sofa

    As low as £314.86 £262.38
  4. Infant Reading Corner - Tan Seat

    As low as £414.77 £345.64
  5. Early Years Wooden Reading Corner Seat with Cushions

    As low as £409.33 £341.11
  6. Junior Two Seat Reading Corner Sofa

    As low as £247.50 £206.25
  7. Junior Reading Corner Seat

    As low as £501.80 £418.17
  8. Cosy Wicker Reading Couch

    Special Price £432.64 £360.53 Regular Price £450.67 £375.56
  9. Early Years Flex Toddler Soft Sofa

    As low as £146.92 £122.43
  10. Early Years Flex Soft Seating Sofa

    As low as £221.15 £184.29
  11. Early Years Ritz Soft Seating Pro Set

    As low as £735.70 £613.08
  12. Safespace Toddler Two Seater Sofa

    Special Price £216.11 £180.09 Regular Price £220.91 £184.09
  13. Early Years Flex Pre-School Soft Table

    As low as £117.97 £98.31
  14. Early Years Rainbow Preschool Cotton Table/ Buffet

    As low as £127.33 £106.11
  15. Early Years Rainbow Toddler Cotton Sofa

    As low as £146.92 £122.43
  16. Early Years Suede Pre-School Sofa

    As low as £221.15 £184.29
  17. Early Years Suede Toddler Sofa

    As low as £146.92 £122.43
  18. Early Years Suede Toddler Table/ Stool

    As low as £96.23 £80.19
  19. Metro Leather Effect Office Tub Sofa

    As low as £303.90 £253.25
  20. Peridot Office Sofa with Arms

    As low as £614.80 £512.33
  21. Oxford Office Sofa with Arms

    As low as £368.22 £306.85
  22. Glacier Office Wooden Top Coffee Table

    As low as £170.12 £141.77
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27 Items

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