Early Years Outdoor Ride On Didicar

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Early Years Outdoor Ride On Didicar

Didicar is a unique, self-propelled ride on toy for children, and adults alike! Weighing just 3.8Kg the Didicar is easy to lift, carry and store and despite weighing so little, its robust design can cope with up to 120Kg, and the most enthusiastic of riders.

Features no pedals, motors, batteries or greasy chains, riders simply turn the wheel left and right to move the Didicar forwards. Flip the wheel, and the Didicar then goes backwards! Didicar works best when used on hard, smooth, flat surfaces indoors or out, including concrete, tarmac, paved surfaces and other open areas. Available in a range of colours including Cool Colourful Blue, Awesome Apple Green, Playful Plum Purple, Pretty Princess Pink, Fiery Flamboyant Red and Bright Brilliant Yellow.

Great for promoting exercise, physical development, balance, co-ordination, spatial and speed awareness. A simple ride on toy that is sure to provide years of fun. Beware of imitations, if it doesn't say Didicar, then it's not an original Didicar. Weight Limit: 120Kg.

  • A unique self-propelled ride on toy for children, & adults alike - robust it can take up to 120Kg!
  • Always ready to ride - no batteries, no motors, no pedals, no greasy chains!
  • Ideal for use indoors & out.
  • Works on any hard, smooth or flat surface.
  • If it doesn't say Didicar, it's not a Didicar.

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More Information
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Guarantee 3 Years
Lead Time 5-7 Days
Depth 420
Width 300
Height 790
Number of Wheels 4
Pedals No