Welcome to our early years kinder box category, where the journey to education begins with organisation and exploration. Designed specifically for early child hood settings, these kinder boxes play vital roles in fostering a love for learning, creativity and independence 

Big book kinderboxes: These spacious storage units feature open compartments, ideal for organising oversized storybooks, learning materials, and reading resources. They offer convenient accessibility, allowing young readers to browse and selevt their favourite titles with ease.

Bubblegum kinderboxes: Bubblegum kinderboxes are delightful low profile storage units featuring open compartments. These charming cubbies are perfect for storing books, toys, and classroom materials. They provide easy access to items, enticing children to explore and select their favourites from this cany coloured storage solutions.

Combination kinderboxes: These versatile storage units feature a mix of open compartments and closed cubbies, making them ideal for storing variety of items like books, toys, and classroom materials. They offer both visibility and organisation, allowing children to easily access while keeping the space tidy.

Single sided kinderboxes: Single sided kinderboxes offer low profile storage units with open compartments, making them an excellent choice for organising books, toys, and classroom materials. They provide effortless access to items, enabling children to easily see and select the materials they need.

Organisation made fun

Early years kinderboxes offer a delightful way to keep educational materials, books, toys, and art supplies in order. Young learners can easily access their favourite resources, promoting self-sufficiency and responsibility.

Durability and safety

Our kinder boxes are built to withstand the energy and curiosity of young children. Crafted from sturdy materials and featuring rounded edges, they prioritise safety while accommodating active play.

Kinderboxes in early years for several important reasons:

  • promoting independence
  • organisation
  • encouraging early literacy
  • supporting fine motor skills
  • reducing transition time


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  1. School Low Level Mobile Children's Book Kinderbox

    Special Price £124.76 £103.97 Regular Price £148.52 £123.77
  2. Junior Combi Kinderbox Book Storage

    Special Price £155.09 £129.24 Regular Price £163.96 £136.63
  3. Kubbyclass Low Polar Double Book Browser

    As low as £253.69 £211.41
  4. Early Years 4 Bay Wooden Kinderbox with Castors

    As low as £150.41 £125.34
  5. Wooden Mobile Kinderbox with Handles

    As low as £220.80 £184.00
  6. Library Storage Book Kinderbox

    Special Price £148.76 £123.97 Regular Price £157.27 £131.06
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