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We have a great range of whiteboards & chalkboards for kids. Help bring out the inner artist in your students with our indoor and outdoor chalkboards. These aren't just plain and boring chalkboards - we offer some fantasic themed boards you can bring some vibrancy to your class. So whether your class likes a jungle theme or an underwater theme, you're sure to find the ideal solution in our fantastic collection of chalkboards for kids!

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  1. Early Years Outdoor Mobile Art Easel Trio Set

    Special Price £624.64 £520.53 Regular Price £650.66 £542.22
  2. Early Years Wooden High Corner Panels - Set of 5

    Special Price £576.64 £480.53 Regular Price £600.67 £500.56
  3. Millhouse Early Years Black Board Panel

    As low as £180.79 £150.66
  4. Millhouse Toddler Clear Panel

    As low as £159.47 £132.89
  5. Millhouse Toddler Display Panel

    As low as £144.64 £120.53
  6. Millhouse Toddler Magnetic Play Panel

    As low as £154.42 £128.68
  7. Millhouse Toddler Chalkboard Panel

    As low as £140.05 £116.71
  8. RS Perspex Children's Room Divider

    As low as £203.20 £169.33
  9. Early Years Tall Dividing Bookcase with Dry Wipe Back

    As low as £482.33 £401.94
  10. Single-Sided A-Frame Height Adjustable Mobile Landscape Whiteboard Easel with 3 Gratnells Trays

    Special Price £242.48 £202.07 Regular Price £292.51 £243.76
  11. Mini Range Wooden Shelf Unit with Dry-wipe Whiteboard Back

    As low as £141.28 £117.73
  12. Early Years Freestanding Double Sided Blackboard

    Special Price £197.04 £164.20 Regular Price £205.25 £171.04
  13. Early Years Freestanding Indoor and Outdoor Double-Sided Whiteboard

    Special Price £185.53 £154.61 Regular Price £193.27 £161.06
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23 Items

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