Here at Cost Cutters UK, we stock a range of different Gopak furniture pieces, offering fantastically practical and flexible use across a range of setting. Established in 1954, Gopak Limited are designers and manufacturers of high-quality lightweight folding furniture. All of these Gopak furniture items are manufactured to ISO9001 standards for quality assurance.  

Cost Cutters are proud to offer a range of affordable options, with our high-quality school desks and classroom stool options available with many ‘bulk buy’ discount options. We can cater from individual pieces through to large-scale projects to provide entire schools with furniture for every student. Our range of Gopak furniture options works particularly well in school environments where you need to pack down and move furniture often.

Across our more than 25 years in the industry, we’ve worked specifically to many institutions and budgets. Our Gopak furniture items offer you consistent quality to your educational institution or other settings. Contact us by email or phone us on 03333 443370 to hear more about our range of quality products and services.

We now have more than 25 years of experience in the provision of high-quality furniture and play items at excellent prices, with our Gopak furniture options forming a key part of our range. Many of our clients have made use of the flexible usage that Gopak items offer to their facility, providing many years of quality due to their durable construction, built to deal with everyday use in an educational or commercial setting. If you want pieces that will withstand wear and tear of regular or busy use in any environment, we have the perfect GoPak furniture options for you here at Cost Cutters UK.

We offer a broad range of GoPak furniture to cater for numerous requirements. Come and choose from the many GoPak folding tables, trolleys, and benches. They are lightweight, easy to fold and are ideal for multi-purpose settings such as school halls. You can also utilise these pieces in many settings since they are easily moved around. With minimal hassle, you can get these pieces in dining halls, lunchrooms, presentation stands for arts, crafts or drama sessions, and general classroom work. It is also worth noting that these superior quality GoPak tables, benches, and chairs remain intact and strong despite the frequent moving.

These British-made GoPak furniture pieces are made to accommodate learners at all levels of a school. We have ideal pieces for children in early years, primary, high school all the way to college. If you need GoPak tables for adults in office and home settings, we have the ideal options for you here at Cost Cutters. All the GoPak furniture products we stock are made to comply with appropriate British standards, assuring you ideal quality. You are guaranteed a piece for children of all ages and sizes. The many different designs and vibrant colours that our folding tables, chairs and stacking benches come in give learners an ideal environment for interaction and concentration.

Our GoPak furniture ranges comprise a wide variety of options, including stacking benches and GoPak folding tables to pair with these for convenience. Look out for the GoPak Premier, Gopak Contour Range plus, GoPak Vantage, GoPak Economy Tables and many others included in the full GoPak range. With all of the designs in the GoPak furniture range, you can get a perfect fit for any setting regardless of your required size or style.

The fact that Cost Cutters UK stock superior quality furniture pieces from leading UK manufacturer GoPak, makes our products suitable for any school, office or home setting. Remember that all these pieces are offered at very competitive prices, with bulk buy discount deals if you are looking to fully furnish your institution. You also get to choose between economy, classic and premium ranges to accommodate your budget. Cost Cutters UK is reputed as a furniture supplier who delivers results at favourable and competitive prices while considering the individual requirements of clients. You get highest quality GoPak furniture at prices you can afford with Cost Cutters UK.

Over the years, Cost Cutters UK has satisfied hundreds of clients through the delivery of an elite range of furniture from GoPak, accompanied by dependable customer service. To buy from a firmly established furniture supplier, well known for stocking furniture from the UK's top furniture manufacturers, contact us today. Our partnership with GoPak enables us to deliver tables of the highest quality in the UK at the most affordable prices. If you want a quick delivery, we can offer you rapid delivery options that will fit into your schedule or plans.

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