Write & Wipe Pockets With Literacy Activity Templates

Incredible value bumper-size Literacy resource pack.

  • Hundreds of different lesson activity templates for each Key Stage, designed since the new National Curriculum changes were introduced.
  • Supporting learners in achieving the objectives for the respective Key Stages.
  • Each activity template is supplied as a hard copy and also provided on a CD for further printing if required.
  • A drywipe conceptsaves you time and money by cutting down on your printing and filing.
  • Each pack includes: 250 x Activity Templates in a spiral-bound book and a CD with all the templates on, 30 x drywipe pockets, 30 x drywipe pens 30 x mini erasers, 1 x comprehensive teacher's guidance notes.
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From £172.19 exc vat
£From £206.63 inc vat
Write & Wipe Pockets With Literacy Activity Templates
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