Winther Viking Tricycle - Small

To an adult, it looks very simple. To a child, it is a machine from a different world and love at first sight. The tricycle helps develop children's motor skills. The tricycle seduces children of all ages and, in the process, trains their muscles and develops their sense of coordination and space faster than you can say "try it". Small Winther Viking Tricycle from Cost Cutters UK is suitable for ages 2-4 years.

A classic Winther trike, designed with sturdy features and wheels, yet providing easy pedal movement and handlebar steering. Guaranteed to aid motor skill development.

  • Additional footplate 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ages 2 - 4 years 

Code: 45000

£176.45 exc vat
£211.74 inc vat
Winther Viking Tricycle - Small
3-5 days 10 year guarantee
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