Outdoor and Indoor Willow Space Dividers set 1 - Pack of 4 panels

We offer three very different sets, for a creative variety to make your own unique environments whatever size of space you may have.

The hamdmade sets include both plain panels, windows and archways, enabling you to create a space and mood just for you! All panels are supplied ready for installation.

Dividers can be installed by simply placing directly into soft ground using a mallet. We would recommend tie wrapping dividers together if installing for permanent use.

Please note that this is a naturally manufactured product and you may find that there are some ends of the willow which may require trimming - this can easily be achieved with a pair of secateurs.

Why not create your own willow worlds with our matching seating, planters and huts? Create your own room, or use to enclose off a specific area.

Willow Dividers Set 1 - Ideal for smaller areas, this pack includes:

2 x plain panels
1 x window and
1 x door

Each panel measures approximately 100 x 100cm.
Pack of 4 panels.

Code: FU02685

£269.05 exc vat
£322.86 inc vat
Outdoor and Indoor Willow Space Dividers set 1 - Pack of 4 panels
7-10 days 1 year guarantee
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