Classroom Tray Storage Units

Here at Cost Cutters, we sell a wide range of classroom tray storage units, in different shapes, sizes, and colours for you to choose from. We have something to suit all of your classroom or nursery storage needs. This allows you to get your ideal storage solution for kind of documents that can clutter a desk, with a range of design options to match whatever colour scheme you want in your classroom or office setting.

Here at Cost Cutters UK, all of our classroom tray units come complete with either Gratnells trays or Cubby trays in a choice of colours. They can also be paired with one of our larger pigeon hole storage units to offer the ideal complement for a lasting storage solution. We also have BULK BUY DISCOUNTS available – so call us on 03333 443370 for our daily deals and to get the benefit of our expert advice on choosing your new storage supplies.

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Our experience in the school furniture and educational supplies UK sector makes us the ideal furniture suppliers to enlist. We have been selling and delivering superior quality tray storage units to our clients all over the UK. We obtain only top-quality pieces from leading manufacturers in the UK and Europe. This guarantees you a durable fit for your school, with the tray storage units you get from Cost Cutters UK sturdy enough to withstand every school day usage by all ages of pupils. With these proper design standards, the units are designed to hold weight and not break easily.

The range of storage units we have on our online store can be easily maintained. Their design allows them to be easily wiped clean. Another great thing about these storage units is that you can choose between those with locking doors and those without. Find a tray storage unit that will hold your trays well. You can pick one for shallow or deep trays. If you're looking for units that can hold extra-large trays, browse through and you'll find a suitable one. If you experience difficulties, one of our staff can help you to choose the ideal unit/s if you contact us; storage has never been easier.

We have many fine options, meaning you are guaranteed to get an ideal tray storage unit. The classroom and office furniture pieces that we stock come with excellent choices of finishes. You actually have a range of options in terms of colours to choose. This gives you ample opportunity to find the one that blends well with the appearance of your space. Your young learners will be able to learn organisational skills through the tray storage units we offer. Take a look at the collection of the units we have, these creatively designed pieces are perfect for learning, not just keeping pupils’ valuables safe and in order.

Partnering with the top UK and European school equipment manufacturers allows us to offer tray storage units and other school supplies across the UK at very competitive prices. We also allow you to buy through favourable price arrangements. Choose the best option for you, between economy, classic and premium price plans. Remember the bulk buy discount deal if you're interested in purchasing tray storage units for the whole school.

Our clients enjoy the best service from our staff. As well as free advice on planning and assisting you to pick your ideal tray storage units, we also offer a very convenient delivery service. Our orders are completed in record time; you can even get next-day delivery options. Call or email us today to find if we can deliver ordered tray storage units the following day in your location across the UK. If you have been looking for a suitable storage option to utilise in any school setting, tray storage units by Cost Cutters UK are perfect for you.