Themeboard Tamperproof Lockable Noticeboards

These Themeboard Tamperproof Noticeboards are perfect for showcasing work/information around a school. This board comes with the same features as the open noticeboard and it also comes with lockable doors, to keep all work safe.

  • 2 year guarantee
  • 10-15 days delivery
  • 5 felt colours to choose from
  • Available with a cork material (call for more details)

You can choose from two construction types; either a standard felt covered board which is ideal for use with pins or Velcro, or a resist-a-flame board which comes with a fire resistant core and woven fabric.

Size: *

Fabric Type: *

Colour: *

Code: TPH9060

From £85.01 exc vat
£From £102.01 inc vat
Themeboard Tamperproof Lockable Noticeboards
Themeboard Tamperproof Lockable Noticeboards
10-14 days 2 year guarantee 1
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