StackaStage 12 Square Metre Triple Kit

Our most flexible stage kit allowing you to make flat or tiered stages at 200, 400 or 600mm high or any combination of these heights, the multi-levels making for a more interesting performance. This stage is ideal where you have different height requirements for different applications such as school drama performances. The stage can also be configured as a very effective choir riser system 4m wide with 3 tiers each 1m deep. With the front row standing on the floor this choir riser configuration will comfortably accommodate 32 adults, either standing or seated on suitable chairs. When using chairs on staging we recommend the use of toe rails to prevent the chair legs slipping off the stage. The complete stage stores on one trolley.

  • Includes:- 12 x 200mm riser set
  • 12 x 400mm riser set
  • 12 x Standard 1Mx1M deck
  • 48 x deck hold down screw
  • 17 x E Tie 20 x U Bolt 
  • 1 x Trolley
Code: 12/200/400

£3,928.31 exc vat
£4,713.97 inc vat
StackaStage 12 Square Metre Triple Kit
StackaStage 12 Square Metre Triple Kit
2-3 weeks 5 year guarantee 1
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