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Classroom Tables & Chairs - BULK BUY 15 TABLES and 30 CHAIRS
Save ££'s when purchaisng our Bulk Buy Discount classroom package. The classic set is made up f..
Ex Tax: £1,089.17
EN One Piece Polypropylene Classroom Chair
The EN One is a one-piece polypropylene classroom chair that is more streamlined in it's design..
Ex Tax: £12.60
EXAM DESK PACKAGE OFFER - 25 Exam Desks + Storage Trolley
This Special Exam Desk Offer from Cost Cutters UK comes with 25 Folding Exam Desks + Folding Exam De..
Ex Tax: £480.67
EXAM DESK PACKAGE OFFER - 50 Exam Desks + 2 Storage Trolleys
This Exam Desk Offer from Cost Cutters UK includes 50 Exam Desks and 2 Storage Trolleys for an incre..
Ex Tax: £1,004.50
Folding Exam Desk Trolley
The particular Folding Exam Desk Trolley from Cost Cutters UK can hold up to 25 folding exam desks a..
Ex Tax: £133.20
Form Cantilever School Classroom Chair
The Form Cantilever Chair is a popular chair within the education sector. Each one of our Form ca..
Ex Tax: £35.82
Form Cantilever School Lab Stool
A popular product for schools labs and technology rooms. The Form lab stool has a very strong seat a..
Ex Tax: £33.36
Form Double Cantilever Classroom Table
The double FORM cantilever table from Cost Cutters UK is both durable and affordable and specificall..
Ex Tax: £85.02
Form Single Cantilever Classroom Table
The single FORM cantilever table from Cost Cutters UK is part of a durable and affordable furniture ..
Ex Tax: £61.14
Grade Rectangular Classroom Table
The Grade Rectangular Classroom Table 1200x600mm from Cost Cutters UK is designed to handle frequent..
Ex Tax: £56.32
Grade Square Classroom Table
The Grade Square Classroom Table 600x600mm is a stylish heavy duty classroom tabledesigned for age 1..
Ex Tax: £45.70
Horizontal Folding 40 Exam Desk Trolley
 The strong and robust structure of this horizontal trolley makes transporting folding exa..
Ex Tax: £135.25
KM NP Rectangular Stacking Stool
The NP rectangular stacking stool comes in various seat colours to match any classroom. Black ..
Ex Tax: £18.40
KM P3 Classroom Chairs
A favourite for many years in the education sector.  The KM P3 classroom chairs come in a choic..
Ex Tax: £13.27
KM P6 Classroom Chairs
The KM P6 classroom chairs have a heavy duty steel under-frame with tamperproof fixings meaning they..
Ex Tax: £14.71
Remploy EN Classic Skid Base Lab Stool
The Remploy EN80 ergonomic high chir is ideal for science laboraties or arts and crafts classrooms. ..
Ex Tax: £48.12