Classroom Mobile A-Frame Whiteboard Easel

This single boarded mobile a-frame landscape style easel is perfect for putting in front of a class and using as a teaching aid. There are four heights to choose from, making it easy for people of all ages to use comfortably.

  • Comes complete with three Gratnells shallow trays
  • Each wheel has a fully lockable caster
  • Heights available: 1460, 1330, 1165, 1015 and 785mm

The whiteboard is also magnetic, making it ideal for sticking items to show a class or just for your enjoyment. Adjusting the height has been made quick and easy as it just clicks in and out of place.

Frame Colour: *

Code: 8681038845

From £257.21 exc vat
£From £308.65 inc vat
Classroom Mobile A-Frame Whiteboard Easel
Classroom Mobile A-Frame Whiteboard Easel
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