Show-me® Boards

Costcuttersuk has been stoacking the Show-me Boards that were first introduced to teachers in the year 2000 in response to the UK government's new literacy and numeracy strategies. Since then the Show Me range has grown in importance to become a generic name like Bic or Hoover familar to millions of teachers and children the world over. Today the original 3 products of mini drywipe board, childsize pen and mini eraser have grown into a range of over 100 products to support and further literacy, numeracy, handwriting, science and a whole host of other subjects.

costcuttersuk  can supply with an automatic credit account given on production of a school or council purchase order. We at Costcutters strive at  giving first class personal service and our telephone ordering and support service is second to none please call 0845 2020850 today

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Show-Me Mini Foam Erasers, pack 35
Show-Me Mini Foam Erasers A mini eraser for drywipe ink. Ideal for small hands. Wipes away drywip..
Inc vat: £12.59
Show-me Magnetic Framed Boards
Magnetic dry-wipe surface on both sidesPlain one side with printed gridlines the other side. Rigid s..
Inc vat: £21.41
Show-me Write & Check Mats, pack 5
Show-me Write & Check Mats Now children really can """"Look, write and check!""""Interactive Learn-a..
Inc vat: £23.93
Show-me Melamine Framed Whiteboards
Show-Me Dry Wipe BoardsAvailable in A4 and A3 sizeHigh quality plain double-sided whiteboards. The a..
Inc vat: £34.01
Show-me  A4 Student Drywipe Boards Value Pack
An excellent value pack which includes, boards, medium tip pens and erasers. The double sided boards..
Inc vat: £62.99
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Show-me Ergo Foam Bats
FREE teachers' resources booklet with every class pack!Teachers are able to see student response at ..
Inc vat: £69.18
Show-Me Drywipe Square Boards, pack 35
Show-Me Drywipe Square Boards Includes, 35 boards, 35 drywipe pens and 35 mini foam erasers!A set of..
Inc vat: £69.29
Show me Hand Writing Drywipe Boards with Erasers and Pens class pack 35
Lines arranged in groups of 3.each 6mm apart helps children to form letters in the right proportions..
Inc vat: £75.59
Show me Picture Story A4 Drywipe Boards with Erasers and Pens class pack 35
Fun & creative Show-me drywipe board. Children can create an illustration using the drywipe pens sup..
Inc vat: £75.59
Show-Me  6 Frame Phoneme Drywipe Boards with Erasers and Pens, class pack 35
ideal for progressing to CCVCC and CVCCV words Plain reverse side. Includes 35, 650 micron boards, 3..
Inc vat: £75.59
Show-me Phonics Progression Boards with Erasers and Pens, class pack 35
This A4 whiteboard helps greatly with progression in phonics 3 vertical columns for splitting up wor..
Inc vat: £75.59
Show-Me Drywipe 100 Square Boards, pack 35
Includes 35 boards, 35 dry wipe pens and 35 mini foam erasers!A set of 35 double sided dry wipe boar..
Inc vat: £107.09
Show-Me Drywipe Multiplication Square Boards, pack 35
Show-Me Drywipe Multiplication Square Boards Includes 35 dry wipe pens, 35 boards and 35 mini foam e..
Inc vat: £107.09
Show-me 610 Piece Magnetic Group Pack
Show-me 610 Piece Magnetic Group Pack MGP610 Excellent value teacher & pupil group pack for literacy..
Inc vat: £125.99