Sensory Mood Light Egg

The extremely durable, illuminated hollow plastic forms are not only interesting to look at but can be placed around any room to create a 'sensory den' or brighter play area.

  • The 5 available shapes are Cube 75544 Ball 75546 Egg 75552  Pyramid 75550 and Pebble 75548 
  • With a remote control included, you can choose between 16 different colours or even set it to fade from colour to colour.
  • They are all powered by low voltage mains power supplies and come with the base charge unit. 
  • 6 hour charge cycle means they can be taken off base station after full charge
  • Average 10 hours use of light
  • Fits onto base charge station

Code: 75552

£74.45 exc vat
£89.34 inc vat
Sensory Mood Light Egg
Sensory Mood Light Egg Sensory Mood Light Egg
5-7 days 1 year guarantee
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