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300mm Interior Security Mirror
Ideal for combating the theft of property & valuables, 4 sizes! Eliminate blind spots & h..
Ex Tax: £52.49
300mm Quarter Face Hemispherical Interior Mirror
Prevents accidents & injuries, can also deter theft, 2 sizes! Prevents accidents & injuri..
Ex Tax: £35.69
450mm Exterior Convex Security Mirror
Helps prevents accidents, injuries & can deter theftHelps prevents accidents, injuries & can deter t..
Ex Tax: £102.89
600mm 360degree deep dome ceiling mirror
Provide 100% visibility in all areas of your School,warehouse,factory or office will suit most appli..
Ex Tax: £125.99
600mm Half Face Hemispherical Interior Security Mirror
Half face hemispherical mirror,this interior mirror is ideal for schools, colleges and hospitals, pr..
Ex Tax: £89.24
Anti Vandal Stainless Steel Mirror
Available in 3 sizes Designed for areas where damage may occur. Bracket allows adjustment to a..
Ex Tax: £199.49
Circular Interior Convex Mirror
Ex Tax: £65.09
Deluxe Heavy Duty Self Retracting Keyreel
Deluxe Key Reel. Heavy duty. Polycarbonate casing with 120cm of high strength Kevlar cord. Spring cl..
Ex Tax: £15.74
Electronic locking mini vault - no shelf
Batteries, installation and operating instructions included, no shelf, 1 shelf or 2 shelves! Regi..
Ex Tax: £199.49
External Decoy CCTV Camera
Fully weatherproofLooks just like an actual CCTV camera. Same housing as used for active cameras. Fu..
Ex Tax: £37.79
Fire vault 3 fire resistant document safe
60 minutes fire resistance at 950degrees, 2 sizes!Independently tested and certified.Ideal for the s..
Ex Tax: £311.84
Heavy Duty Karabiner Key Reel
Karabiner Key Reel. Features 120cm of high strength Kevlar cord. Helps prevent misplaced or lost key..
Ex Tax: £15.74
Heavy Duty Self Retrcacting Keyreel
Can be used at arms length Heavy Duty Self Retracting Key Reel. Keep Keys within easy reach. Stai..
Ex Tax: £14.69
Internal Decoy CCTV Camera
Pan & tilt wall bracketLooks just like an actual CCTV camera. Same housing as used for active camera..
Ex Tax: £26.24
Key Locking Mini Vault - no shelf
Choose either no shelf, 1 shelf or 2 shelves Suitable for rear or floor fixing (bolts supplied).K..
Ex Tax: £157.49
Keystore Value Key Cabinet - 20 keys
Heavy duty key cabinet or a value option, 7 sizes holding from 30 up to 200 keys! Adjustable colo..
Ex Tax: £28.34