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One of the most important elements in any learning environment is its storage solutions. Here at Cost Cutters UK, we have over 25 years’ experience in providing educational facilities with the best equipment on the market, with our range of wooden lockers, steel lockers, disabled lockers and mini cube lockers all expertly manufactured.

We understand that school storage needs to offer stylistic and functional benefits, whether a wall of small lockers in a classroom or metal locker options in a school sports facility. We ensure that we provide a wide selection of choices in terms of size, style and colour schemes to offer the very best for each school’s needs.

We also offer a FREE SITE SURVEY, so if you are looking to purchase a large range of lockers and need advice on how to choose the right ones for your environment, then please contact us by email or by phone on 03333 443370 and we will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. We have a range of BULK BUY DISCOUNTS in place as well.


Our lockers are also offered in an economy, classic and premium arrangements, giving you options that favour your budget. The wide range of school lockers we offer accommodate all ages of children with their different heights and storage space requirements. We want all of the wall lockers we provide to be useful, to pupils, whatever their age. Look up the collection of half and three quarter height lockers to find the ideal fit for nursery and pre-school kids to use. We also have the older students fully catered for through the provision of quality full size lockers.

Cost Cutters UK also prides ourselves on delivering durable, long-lasting school storage units. We have metal lockers that are designed to withstand everyday school use and all the wear and tear repeated opening and closing can bring. We offer locker options that offer durability, style and functionality, with items such as the Probe Shockproof Overlay and Insert Lockers are perfect for the storage of project materials for students. Despite the long-lasting quality of our lockers, this never comes at the expense of their appearance, with all of our locker items designed to be visually appealing. Our wooden lockers, as well as some other locker options, offer contemporary looks full of aesthetic quality.

These items are ideal for all ages of pupils, with our wall lockers having been enjoyed by lots of students in various schools, thanks to their versatility and high-quality design. Look out for the unique themed small lockers for pre-school aged kids, with exciting design schemes that add a sense of fun. Finding the right lockers for your school or other educational facilities can help create a positive environment for your pupils. In many ways, a locker can be the one place in a school that a pupil feels is truly ‘their’ space and with this in mind, offering an engaging and secure space can add to their daily experience in the school. With the proper facilities for learning, lockers included, the pupils' levels of concentration can be improved.

The assurance given by our secure and reliable lockers gives the students real peace of mind, therefore allowing them to focus on learning. Our range of wall and metal and wooden lockers certainly help improve learning in any given school setting. All of our lockers are developed to offer great functionality and easy use, with options ranging from classically subtle through to vibrant and colourful. Whatever your school storage needs, we have a fantastic range of wall lockers for corridors and classrooms, as well as sports locker options for school gyms. Since our experts at Cost Cutters UK value practicality, we come up with designs that are compatible in any school environment, be it the gym, classroom or corridors.

Our fully established school equipment suppliers do not only produce great school locker options. We sought high-quality brands from leading manufacturing companies to offer you a broader range of options. We stock lockers from well-known manufacturers from Europe, the UK and beyond. The reliable service and delivery of high-quality school lockers that Cost Cutters UK offers has been refined over the many years of experience we have. Our experience allows us to have the skills to provide a large number of quality school items to your exact requirements.

Every piece of the school equipment we offer is guaranteed to come at undeniably good value, backed up by dependable customer service that makes the buying process simple and beneficial. We know that selecting the right lockers for your pupils may be a challenge, so our professionals not only provide a broad range of quality products, but helpful advice as well. To ensure you get the items that perfectly suit your storage needs and those of your pupils, you can get in touch with us today.