Cloakroom Storage Furniture

Classroom space is invaluable, and having coats lying around is not conducive to a good working environment. In addition to that, they can become a hazard if not properly stored. Our range of school cloakroom storage products offer unobtrusive storage at great prices, allowing coats and other items to be stored safely and tidily out of the way. A full range of school lockers is also available if a more structured approach is required. We are experienced in providing education facilities with a range of sizes, from a small nursery cloakroom through to an entire high school. Be sure to make use of our FREE DESIGN & PLANNING SERVICE today. You can call us on 03333 443370 or email us today for more details from our expert team.

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Coat Hooks Pack of 10
Our steel coat hooks are perfect if you need to create a quick coat or bag space in your office or c..
Inc vat: £29.21
Coat Hook Rail Single Colour
Available with a choice of 4 hook colours and a straight or wavy design The essential piece of cl..
Inc vat: £63.90
Multi-Coloured Classroom Coat Hook Rails
This multi coloured coat hook rail will keep your students coats off of the floor and nice and tidy ..
Inc vat: £65.12
Mobile Cloakroom Trolley
A versatile cloakroom trolley that can also be used to store role play and wet play items - mak..
Inc vat: £67.31
School Coat Hook Rail with 8 Hooks
Our cloakroom hook rail has 8 hooks and is available in 3 wood finishes with 10 different hook colou..
Inc vat: £67.40
Wire Mobile Cloakroom Trolley
A versatile cloakroom trolley that can also be used to store role play and wet play items - mak..
Inc vat: £74.68
School Coat Hook Rail with 16 Hooks
Our cloakroom hook rail has 16 hooks and is available in 3 wood finishes with 10 different hook..
Inc vat: £77.59
Childrens Coat and Bag Rail with Name Plates
Hang up multiple coats and bags outside your classroom. A high quality coat rail manufactured fro..
Inc vat: £87.76
Novo Childrens Cloakroom Bench, Large
Novo cloakroom bench can be used with our Novo 4 door cloakroom unit This Novo cloakroom bench fe..
Inc vat: £90.89
School Coat Hook Rail with 20 Hooks
Our cloakroom hook rail has 20 hooks and is available in 3 wood finishes with 10 different hook..
Inc vat: £96.68
Changing Room Bench Budget Single Sided - Probe
These single sided cloakroom benches are perfect for thos on a tight budget. Contructed from 3..
Inc vat: £106.56
Probe Disability Locker
This probe disability locker comes complete with a raised bottom shelf for easy access and a double ..
Inc vat: £109.27
Wet Play Storage Trolley
Ideal for sand & water activities for use in schools and nurseries! This Wet Play Storage Trolle..
Inc vat: £119.12
Probe Single Sided Changing Room Bench
These benches features robust frames which are constructed from 50mm round, thick wall tubing&n..
Inc vat: £129.28
Cloakroom Bench with 8 Open Compartments
The cloakroom bench with 8 compartments is available in 3 wood finishes with 9 different frame ..
Inc vat: £138.70
Playscapes™ Welcome Cloakroom Wall Mountable Cubby with 6 Hooks
Playscapes™ welcome/cloakroom furniture is the perfect way to provide a warm welcome to any nur..
Inc vat: £147.59

It always proves challenging to keep a classroom full of pupils tidy, especially when they come into the classroom with their coats and schoolbags. Of course, you wouldn't prevent them from coming to class with these items, particularly during the winter months. Sometimes one may be using a congested or a small classroom. Such a classroom may become unmanageable if you are lacking storage space. Cost Cutters UK understands this and offers the perfect solution. We offer quality school cloakroom storage to handle the problem of coats being dropped everywhere.

We know how inconvenient it can be to have these coats lying around. It can become dangerous and hard to teach at the same time. Our cloakroom furniture is designed to overcome the challenges created by the use of coats by your pupils. With our cloakroom furniture options, your pupils will be able to keep their coats off the floor, therefore, keeping them clean. You also get to keep your children warm and safe from the cold as well as preventing accidents. Our collection of cloakroom furniture includes benches, lockers, hooks, trolleys and rails among other equipment.

You can choose between sturdy metal or light wood depending on your personal preferences. These are all excellent options for organisations of every type. With the Cost Cutters UK school cloakroom storage range, you'll never get obstructed by coats as you teach. Since we are providing school cloakroom storage, we offer designs that allow naming on hooks, lockers and rails. Our cloakroom storage sets are made for use by all learners. So, if you need cloakroom trolleys for nursery school kids, coat hooks for primary school children or high coat hook rails for high school learners, we have some great options for you.

Having the cloakroom furniture equipment in your school is also a good thing for the learners. You get to teach pupils, even as young as nursery-aged children, the skills of tidiness, responsibility and organisation. These pupils will grow up knowing how and where to store their personal items properly. This makes your school a perfect centre for learning. We have versatile cloakroom furniture units where you can store wet and role play items. You will get to utilise such storage types year-round, not just during the winter months. 

Cost Cutters understands the importance of colours both in stimulating and helping pupils to identify items as they learn. Our metal cube lockers, coat hooks and more come in vibrant colours that children will love. Look out for our multi-coloured coat hook rails to brighten up your classroom. You can use our website as you pick coat hook rails and select the shape, colour and number of hooks on the rail you want.


For the past 25 years, Cost Cutters UK has been supplying quality school furniture. We have been manufacturing our own products as well as obtaining the cloakroom furniture from top UK and European furniture manufacturers. This guarantees you highest quality cloakroom furniture. Our high-quality school cloakroom storage pieces are all sold at competitive prices. You can buy in bulk for the entire school and enjoy bulk buy discounts. Call us to find out more about the deal.

You can pick from our favourable price arrangements depending on your budget. You can also choose from the economy, classic or premium price plans. A combination of undisputed expertise, vast experience and personable staff makes Cost Cutters a leading option to involve when you're in need of cloakroom furniture. If you’re interested in the services that we offer, then you can get in touch by calling or emailing us for guidance and information today. Leave your details on the online enquiry form and we'll contact you at a more appropriate time. Order and enjoy fast delivery of our long-lasting cloakroom furniture options today.