Hille Classroom Chairs

One of the Ikonic Uk chair manufacturers the original chair designed by Robin Day Hille classroom chairs are a firm favourite in UK classrooms. Manufactured in the UK to an extremely high standard. All products are built to withstand the heavy rigours of day to day life in the classroom.With a choice of chairs from the traditional Hille E Series chair to the more modern Hille SE chair, there is style to suit all your needs.All chairs are fully compliant to EN1729 parts 1 and 2 for strength and stability.More information on Robin day can be obtained from wikipedia and see his significants to school seating 

Polypropylene Chair Family (1963-1975)

E-series School chairs, 1971

Both the Polypropylene Chair and the Polypropylene Armchair (1967) were designed to accommodate a wide range of different bases. Day later created a range of lightweight polypropylene shell chairs for schools called Series E (1971), produced in five different sizes with an oval hole in the back. His Polo Chair (1975) with its distinctive drainage/ventilation holes was another important addition to the Polypropylene Chair family. Designed for outdoors as well as inside, the Polo Chair was widely used for stadium seating, a specialist field in which Day became increasingly involved. He also experimented with other plastics during the 1960s and 70s, as well as continuing to refine his furniture designs in wood and steel.

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Hille E Series Skid Base Classroom Chairs
The original polypropylene classroom chair offers a durable, comfortable and cost effective seating ..
Inc vat: £18.71
Hille Eco Polypropylene Stacking Chair
Hille Eco polypropylen chairs are perfect for classroom ,office or industrial use, they are aff..
Inc vat: £10.25
Remploy GH20 Classic Classroom Chairs
As well as being very comfortable and durable the Remploy GH20 classroom chair are very well pr..
Inc vat: £12.98
Hille Affinity Classroom Chairs
Hille Affinity classroom chairs are available in red, blue and lime green Manufactured in the ..
Inc vat: £13.43
Hille E Series Classroom Chairs
The original polypropylene classroom chair offers a durable, comfortable and cost effective seating ..
Inc vat: £13.91
Remploy MX24 Two Piece Stacking Classroom Chair
The Remploy MX24 Chair, the original two peice polypropylene chair offering great durability and an ..
Inc vat: £17.04
Hille Pepperpot Classroom Chairs
The new Hille Pepperpot classroom chair is something a little different for your classroom. This new..
Inc vat: £19.03
Hille Low Height Teachers Chair
We often see Teachers sitting on size 1 or 2 chairs which is great to interact with the children but..
Inc vat: £22.85
Hille Series E Linking Classroom Chair
Enables chairs to be very easily linked together for use in halls etc. Robin Day’s original linking ..
Inc vat: £22.85
Hille SE Classroom Chair
The SE classroom chair from Hille features excellent lumbar and pelvic support, ensuring perfect pos..
Inc vat: £22.91
Remploy MX70 Heavy Duty Classroom Chairs
The MX70 classic chair was Remploy's original polypropylene chair and remains unique in the UK as it..
Inc vat: £25.40
Remploy GH20 Skid Base Classic Classroom Chairs
Remploy's original polypropylene school chair is used in thousands of schools in the UK and is built..
Inc vat: £25.69
Hille Robin Day Polyside Chair
The Poly side chair has now been re-launched featuring the original P5 frame and is available in a r..
Inc vat: £26.66
Classroom Chair - Hille SE Curve Polypropylene
THE NEW SE CURVE Giving purchasers increased choice in this popular range, the new SE Curve offer..
Inc vat: £29.21
Hille Series E Chair & Seat Pad
The classic polypropylene classroom chair, specifically built for classroom use. Look no further if ..
Inc vat: £32.54
Hille SE Classic Chair Skid Base
The SE Classic skid base chair and its now available in sizes 5 and 6.  No wearable parts..
Inc vat: £34.31