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As one of the UK's leading suppliers with over 25 years experience we cover all areas of your buiding from the Sign at the front gate to the bins outside the school canteen for waste.Over the years we have manufactured and stocked our own brands of furniture but now choose to supply from the world and best of Uk and European manufacturers to enable us to cater for all sizes,tastes and options .We only supply  top quality classroom furniture including tables and chairs that are designed to be tough, durable and capable of coping well with daily wear and tear of a busy learning environment. Our school  furniture is also designed to look modern and aesthetically pleasing, meaning it’s perfectly suited to the needs of both teachers students alike. Our years of experience means we can offer a number of great products, undeniably good prices and brilliant customer service. If you are looking to refurb your school we can offer our help and expertise - for advice and bulk buy discounts call us on 03333 443370.

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School Furniture can be one of the hardest decisions an education establishment has to make. This may be less so for colleges and universities, but not only do you have to consider how the furniture looks, but you have to think about the pupils sitting on them.

Before you consider the colour of the furniture or how it is going to fit to in to the area that you have, you should think about, particularly in nursery and primary schools, the size of the chairs and tables. Education chairs and tables can come in a range of different sizes to suit the age of the children that are going to be using them. For example a child that is aged 3 is not going to be able to use the same chair that a child aged 8 can use and vice versa. During the early years of a child’s life, the growth between each year is so rapid that the furniture should understandably meet the child’s requirements.

If you have the wrong type of furniture for a child, e.g. the chair is too big or too small, you not only make the child uncomfortable which can directly affect the concentration of the child and productivity, but over time this could have a negative effect on the child’s growth and development.

Other aspects of education furniture include classroom storage, lockers and playtime accessories. Especially with younger children, it has been proven that the correct use of bright colours can really help to stimulate the child and to help them develop. Taking this into account, you will want to make sure that the colours you use work well together and do not clash. Not only this but the colours in the room can also be used to help the child learn and be used as a teacher's aid as well.