Sand & Water Exploration Circle with Clear Trays

Perfect for children to play with things like sand, confetti, water and wood chippings as an individual or as a small group. Gives children the chance to learn about different textures while having fun at the same time.

Complete with 4 clear plastic trays and 4 stands, these lightweight trays are easy to lift, move, clean and store. Ideal for outdoors or the classroom thanks to the highly durable plastic and metal stands.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Understanding the World - exploration 
• Understanding the World - observation 
• Understanding the World - colour 
• Personal Development - collaborative play
• Enabling Environment - practical resources

Circle dia. 800mm, stand height 460mm, quadrant tray depth 150mm.

Code: 38070

£104.54 exc vat
£125.45 inc vat
Sand & Water Exploration Circle with Clear Trays
5-7 days 1 year guarantee
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